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Mt. Makiling: It’s more fun in Laguna


Two weeks ago I went to Ayala Golf and Leisure Club at the Ayala Greenfield Estates, Calamba, Laguna.

I live near the area roughly 15 – 20 minutes buy car.

It’s the most beautiful Golf Course I’ve seen and the food in the Club House tastes so good.

I was just shy taking photos because I am in the middle of our meeting.

One thing I like is that their restaurant is not exclusive for members only. You can just go there to eat, you don’t have to have a tournament or whatsoever.

I recommend their Spicy Chicken Adobo.

Oh well this is a lame post but least if you are in the area please do drop buy there and enjoy the scenery and food.

How to get there:

  1. Take South Luzon Express Way and exit to Sto.Tomas / Lucena exit.
  2. Follow the road until you see a stoplight, turn left to Greenfield Estate gate.

I hope that helps but GPS is available anywhere so go use it.

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Lunch Meeting: Italiannis


Last Friday I went to Makati to meet the bosses. We were supposed to head to SMX for the contract signing but they saw some discrepancy so we rescheduled it. We discussed other details instead.

My bosses work for food. We arrived late around 11:45 am after some introduction they asked everyone to have lunch first to fuel our brain.

We went to Greenbelt 2, walking distance from their office and went to Italiannis.

Here are the food we ate.

Pumpkin Soup
Pumpkin Soup

Since this is a lunch meeting with the boss I am extremely shy to capture photos of the food we ate.

We also ordered Caesar Salad and we have gelato for dessert.

What’s funny about this lunch is that they prank the waiters saying that it’s my birthday.

Though I am not a fan of Italian Cuisine I am teaching myself to eat wide varieties of their food after all it tastes good.

We availed the discount card and next meeting we might dine in to Krazy Garlic. I heard the food is great.

It’s Holiday today Ed’l Ftr and tomorrow is also a holiday so I am staying at home.

Sorry for not updating regularly.


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Family Dinner: Buddy’s

May 5, 2012 – I know another late post. After hearing the mass  and some errands his father needs to attend we headed to Buddy’s in Timog Avenue corner Sct. Ybardolaza for a Quezon Province like dinner.

We ordered Pancit Lucban, Crispy Tanigue, and Bulalo.

What I like about this restaurant is the ambience, I feel like attending Pahiyas every time I am here. The food tastes really great no doubt about it. The taste is like Grandma resurrect and cook the traditional family dinner.

The price is so cheap, it was less than One Thousand Pesos. The ordering manner is like fast food where you pay as you order.

I was so hungry and my godchild was so naughty that is why I forgot to take pictures from the moment the food arrived. hahaha

Below are the pictures I managed to capture.

Pancit Lucban
Crispy Tanigue


Taste 5/5

Price 5/5

Service 5/5

Ambience 5/5

See you on my next food trip.


Dinner:Bon Chon Chicken

If you are following my blog I said that we are supposed to eat here and finally the place is not crowded last night. I am talking about Bon Chon Chicken, SM City North Edsa Annex.


They cook the chicken Korean Style. They have two variants the Soy Garlic and Spicy. We ordered the mix and match, thigh/drumstick, half/half. Meaning one part spicy the other is soy garlic.


The skin is so crispy but the rice is small. 😦


For the soy garlic, it is similar to the Chinese Style Fried Chicken of Chowking, although this is more delicious for me. The flavor is just right, not too salty or whatever. But I didn’t quite taste the garlic here.

For the spicy, oh it is spicy! If you have tried the tepanyaki in Yakimix, if my palette is right they used the same spices. Very Korean indeed. But this is not like tabasco spicy ok? It’s acceptable or maybe not too strong for people who eats chili like a popcorn.

The taste is on the skin not too much inside. The chicken is cooked well done, so don’t worry about surprise blood inside. Haha I think it was deep-fried in 100° boiling cooking oil.

The only thing I don’t like is the plate, it’s small and it’s slippery. I hope they can change into a bigger plate (so that we can murder the chicken properly LOL).

By the way, they just don’t serve chicken. Check out my screenshot of their menu from their website.

Taste 4/5

Ambiance 4/5

Service 5/5

Price 4/5

You can find Bon Chon in the following branches:



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Food Post: BAR-B-KING

Well hubby told me to Blog about this cause he was not satisfied with the food we ordered.

We ate at BAR-B-KING, SM Megamall, Bldg. B and we ordered this:


Angus Beef Belly with soup, corn & carrots, Java Rice, gravy, and 12 oz. Drinks. It’s Php 150.00 with rice all you can.

First, the serving was small. Given that it’s a beef it’s expensive. You will be not be able to ask for rice number two because of the size.

Second, once you have tasted angus beef somewhere you can compare, right? For me, it was fatty. Lack of flavors AND it’s not tender. 😦 I had a hard time trying to shred and chew the meat.

Third, the rice was like a fried rice mixed in catsup or bbq sauce. I don’t even like how it was cooked.

Fourth, the gravy (I am a picky gravy eater) too much flour no flavor at all.

The soup was good though.

You can consume it if you are really hungry.

Oh well, we were just exploring food outlets.

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