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Man’s Best Friend

Before I get back to my crazy job world, I went home to Laguna to spend time with my family. Aside from seeing my siblings and parents, I look forward seeing my (our) dog, Chichay. I met her as a puppy and I am glad that even though I don’t go home as often as I would , she stills remember me. 

She is even calm with my husband now. I wish I could have a dog in QC but I can’t.

Just the other day we lost Alex, our five year old Shih Tzu, my sister told me he had his last cry before they found him cold and dead. Losing a pet is like losing a family. 

Dogs are gifts, they are the best thing that could happen to you. Do you have a dog? Love them because they love you more than their bark could express. 

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. 



Sad Story: Our dog, Piper, died today

If you will remember my post recently about our dogs {here} I talked about our dogs.

Just this evening (Friday) my dad sent me a message that Piper passed away. She was our dog for 11 years, same age as my nephew, Grey. According to science, dogs are seven years older than humans, meaning piper is already 77 years old.

Remembering her journey as our dog, she has been passed around. We have been to apartments that won’t allow dogs. We would let other owners adapt her for the mean time and was able to acquire her again 2011.

There are times that she won’t eat. Well feed her water with sugar and my mom would sacrifice to spoon fed her. She was the dog we owned for a long time. She even had a grand daughter.

She’s always the house protector. She will bark at suspicious people while stay calm with the people she knew.

Lately, I know she’s old. She can’t barely recognize us and sometimes she can’t hear her name anymore. We can’t bathe her because she only wants mom, we can’t even trim her hair. She’s moody.

She recognizes me because ever since I am the one who massages her whenever I sit near her.

It’s funny because she hates my boyfriend.

She was really jolly the last we saw each other. I took photos of her because I am really proud owning a let for that long.

I don’t know if she just waited for a new dog, Chichay, who will protect the family and the house. As she knows that Alex and Yena cannot do that.

I am gonna miss piper. I never imagined that last Tuesday was the last wag of her tail for me.

Rest in peace.


P.S. when it comes to pets I am emotionally attached because they play a big role in completing any family. If you have pets, love them.