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Happy Monday to all! Just posting a quick event for you guys.

xx Sam


More and more Filipinos today are dreaming of owning their dream home, driving their dream car or launching a new business. But it’s also clear how some Filipinos remain hesitant and anxious about making these seemingly elusive dreams happen. “We really have to educate most Filipinos when it comes to financial literacy. Changing their mind-set cannot be done overnight, but it can be done,” says Lubar Delos Reyes, president of DRIVEN Marketing Group, one of the fastest growing real estate marketing network in the country.

Common challenges are the notions that purchasing a home entails a long and difficult process and that it is cash intensive. But with the efforts of the government and banks to speed up the process of loan application and documentation, more and more Filipinos are beginning to realize that it’s easy to take the leap. “Around 85% of our buyers are first-time homebuyers and they are quite surprised with how fast and easy it’s nowadays own their dream house,” adds Delos Reyes.

This coming December 27, 28 and 29 at SMX Convention Center Hall 3, DRIVEN Marketing Group Inc., in partnership with BPI, is set to hold the first and most exclusive property and lifestyle event in the country showcasing the best deals and offers available for homebuyers and investors. With a campaign entitled “DRIVEN Pinoy Dream Property and Lifestyle Event 2013: Dream House. Dream Car. Dream Business.”, this first of its kind trade show format will allow attendees to interact and learn from the best speakers and institutions in the field of home buying, loan and personal finance

The vision of this event is to uplift our hard-working Filipinos and make them realize that all these can be achieved through proper financial literacy, home loan and investment know-how and taking advantage of the smart deals and offers available for them.

To get more updates on this event, you can visit www.drivenpinoydream.com / https://www.facebook.com/DRIVENPINOYDREAMEVENT or call their hotline at Tel. No. 624-1111.



I was at the #Blogapalooza 2013

Poor quality photos I used iPad only  | Long post ahead *winks*

20131125-111838.jpgI’ve written all over the web for a decade now and it was just last year when I really came out of the closet. It was last year where I started to write other things aside from rants and I made a beauty blog plus YouTube Channel. Blogging made me think positively, lifted my self-esteem, and gained friends. I searched the web and checked what communities I can take part on to widen my horizon.

From my endless search, I saw Blogapalooza badges on some blogs I follow. I signed up but for some reasons I wasn’t accepted nor invited to join its second edition (if my memory is right). For those who don’t know about Blogapalooza, it is the biggest “B2B” blogger to business networking event, this is where almost 500 bloggers were gathered and mingle with the coolest brand in town.

When they announced the third edition happening on November 16, 2013 at the SMX Convention Center, Taguig  I immediately  signed up and thankfully I was included in the first 150 bloggers who were invited to attend. *banana dance*


I signed up as DISHYSAMMY, my beauty blog.

I had second thoughts attending this even I RSVP’d because it’s the day before my birthday and I don’t have anyone to go with me. But I need to check SMX Taguig as I need to see if it’s suitable for our event (hitting two birds with one stone, eh?). I convinced my other beauty blogger friends to check it out with me, so Gen, Yette, and Eyah confirmed that we are all coming together.

The registration started 11 am and we can and go as we please. I came around 12:00 NN and went closer to the stage reaching the last part of the talk from  Mikey Bustos and Bogart the Explorer (Jako de Leon and Marco).

Blogapalooza 2013

And then Vince called in a break and I roamed around F1 (that’s my code for SMX function rooms LOL). The organizers maximized the rectangular hall, they placed the stage far end and surrounded the hall’s sides with 1 x 1 meter booths, Centrex was their booth contractor.

Being an event organizer myself I am not used to be an attendee where I will hop booth to booth and check out stuff and talk to them. Since some booths have long lines I just visited a few and concentrated with the talks.


I’ve known Plato Wraps since I was an intern for Entrepreneur Magazine where I constantly call their franchisee and ask for feedback. It’s my personal favorite too because I find their food tasty and healthy.



I also saw my good friend Neph of Eagle’s Wings Enterprises she is one of exhibitors and suppliers as well.


Sam Lanuza with minion Dave

I keep on roaming around and saw minion Dave.

IMG_1467Then I went to the Megaworld Lifestyle booth and won this Line stuffed toy.

IMG_1455There are health & Beauty booths too which I love of course!

One company stood out was Enjoy Philippines.

Enjoy Philippines

It is because when I registered they have something for me with my name on it (will talk about in a separate post). It gives me a sense of more than a blogger they value you as their customer.

I went back near the stage and listen to the talks. The topics were interesting as well as the speaker themselves. The starter was the Comedy Cartel they have the smartest humor in the world. I can still recall how Tim Tayag threw the Jesus Christ joke (no blasphemy intended here).


After the comedy cartel, Philip Abadicio of Philip Lifestyle Guy made way to the center stage where he talked about his show and how bloggers can be featured as well as the criteria they look into a blogger. Content and good quality image is what I recalled. When in Manila, Vince Golangco was the first blogger they featured, I watched the show the next day after exchanging tweets with Philip (very nice guy) and hence we should watch it.

IMG_1439And then Ana Santos talked about making money through writing/blogging. This is the segment where I photographed every slide and I learned a lot. I always wanted to write everywhere I hope someday I could be like her where I will get paid from the words I am writing (but event organizing is fun too)

Jason CruzThen Jason Cruz talked about Doughnuts, I mean social media for bloggers and businesses.


I met Jason during a beauty blogger event and I took a ‘selfie’ with him when I bumped into him in the event. He is very smart and successful, I love his blog too very informative.

I forgot to take a photo of Karen Bordador but she also gave a brief talk about her online career, she is so bubbly and she encourages everyone to love themselves. Then the boys of Boys Night Out talked about their upcoming podcast with the everlasting pogi — Ramon Baustista.

IMG_1453I actually left after their talk because someone is waiting for me and I will have my pre-birthday dinner. So I gave the hall one last look and donated to the #PiggyBankMovement on my way out.

piggy-bank-movement-708x1024This was also my lucky day because I won several gifts from the brands and by tweeting the event. I cannot wait to write about the brands that I met during the event.

I would say that the highlight of Blogapalooza for me was when someone approached me and asked for a photo opp because she reads my blog.


I was so overwhelmed.

Overall, Blogapalooza is indeed a great avenue for bloggers who wants to meet other bloggers, meet partners, and learn more about blogging. I would like to congratulate Vince Golangco of When In Manila and Francis Simisim of Our Awesome Planet for a successful event. I am looking forward for more Blagapalooza in the future (Day dreaming to organize it myself).

For Philippine bloggers out there,  attend this event and let’s make it bigger.





Cheap Thrills: Juansilog


Here’s another cheap thrills find in the course of surviving in a central business district. LOL

This is called JUANSILOG.

juan means the Filipinos.

Si which stands for Sinangag or Fried Rice

Log which means itlog or eggs

SILOGS are very popular in the country, it is one of the common breakfast after coffee and pandesal. You can actually it eat for lunch or dinner.

It is also combined with other viand such as burger (bursilog), hotdog (hotsilog), tapa (tapsilog) and other breakfast commons that will go along with fried rice and egg.


One order of rice with egg costs P25.00 and you will add P10.00 for every additional viand. The amount of rice is more one cup but the serving of each viand is small. For an adult two hotdogs and an egg will be better. I am not sure with the measurements but I think each order is weighed.

I do not have any complains on the taste, it tastes normal. I do not know someone who will cook ham or wills and will taste terrible.  LOL

The packaging is decent and environmental friendly too.

I haven’t seen other branch/kiosk in malls or train stations. This must be new.

if you want to have your own  business food is a sure ball because it is a necessity and people always seek new things to try. Above all being unique with excellent quality and services will make you stand out among the rest.



Is blogging a hobby or a job?

*And yes, I haven’t finished my day job task. I was going loco propagating my new blog site, dedicated niche for my style & beauty addiction. (which I hope you will follow, right guys?)*

Anyway, I received an email this morning that definitely made my day. Wanna know what email was that? Let me tell you first how I got that email.

A friend (hubby’s cousin’s wife), too much possession there, is blogging I think since 2007 if I am not mistaken. Her blog is mommy blog, eventually she earns from it and I got interested. I am almost 24/7 online, I update my social networking sites everyday, I even have three blog sites before and I was super enthusiastic about HTML and CSS. I want my site to look and feel me while I am jotting all my rants for the day. Plus, I like pictures, not pictures of me, but my surroundings.

She mentioned me about blog advertising. She gave me site where I can sign up my site and after a week or two I will be able to grab opportunities to write and earn my first “sponsored-post” compensation. Sounds good right? I even invited my friend, Ferry, to do this with me.

I researched how this thing works but I found something else.

Another site, Blogadvertisingstore.com, so I signed up. After a day, my site was approved (I bought my own domain by the way). I checked the site from time to time to check if there’s an opportunity available, they said that’s the way it works. There was an open opportunity, I reserved the opportunity and I had six hours to submit my post.

I complied.

After two days, I received another email. “Your post has been approved”

I check on my account and I saw my total earnings.


So if you want to get paid by writing…. Click here

Happy blogging!


Submit your URL in Business Web Directories and widen your range

Many businesses have been established before the internet came to life. When we discovered the power of the internet we have used them in our everyday life. We use it for research, to connect with long-lost friends and relatives, and even promoting business. Business, where you put up your own website and your regular and/or possible customers can check out what you are up too.

As a customer, I noticed that some do not even have a website. For some who has it doesn’t seem to be reliable or it is not included in search engines. I think if you want to connect with consumers and widen your range you  have to do a little effort and investment.

And since we are now using the internet to do this, having your own website is not enough. Having Twitter accounts and Facebook fan page and other social media for your business is also not enough. There are websites available in the World Wide Web that can help you do this – website directories.

These are the websites which specializes in linking your website URL under categories / sub-categories where consumers can browse through it and boom – expansion of your name and brand.

I recently come across with this specific business web directory , it’s 100% SEO friendly web directory, as all links they have are direct; you can submit up to five (5) deep links, so aside from your home page of course, you can submit other pages from your website; you can also submit additional information, such as your company address, contact number, and even relevant article about your company; Jasminedirectory.com also generates thumbnails of your website automatically to visually enhance your listing; and lastly it’s W3 and HTML valid.

Here’s a snapshot:

Web directory review
Web directory review

Thus, by submitting your website in business directory like this you will have a little extra time improving your products and services instead of maintaining your website.