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*Space shall remain in your togetherness. For the pillars of the temple stand apart and the oak and cypress grow not in each other’s shadow.*

The words above hit my head as I practice to detach my self from the man I love. I am not leaving him though but now we are ready to spread our own branches and grow separately but definitely side by side. His words uttered last night made me realize that I consumed almost all his life because he was  too worried not to neglect me. Maybe we have the same fear that we don’t want this relationship to fall apart.

Graduating from high school transformed ourselves into a mature human beings. I am not saying that we are totally mature now because we still have this attitude like other couples have. Ever since we got together, we were college students then, I can still remember our first studying session where he has his physics reviewer on his hand and while lying on his lap I was reading my communications theories.

I was slightly devastated when he lost his scholarship and overheard that reason because he has a new girlfriend, that’s me. He told me it was not true his course was hard, of course it was, Mathematics, Calculus, Electronics name it. I am proud to note that I still have straight 1.00 both minor and major subjects, Mass Communication, they say is a practical course.

Years had passed, I finished my Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication – Broadcasting I am now working. The year followed and the smooth sailing ever romantic ride we are having bumped into a boulder, which I think no major at all. From everyday dates and intimate weekends we slow down seeing each other during the day that our time only fits or just whenever will exert efforts, we take turns waiting and visiting one another. He had night classes, deadlines, and all. I have nothing but facebook and twitter. The fourth quarter of the year, I became busy and still he was more busy than ever. Several months had passed, I finally adjusted to that set up and finally he finished his course, Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering but this is not the end of his journey. He is now preparing for the Board Exam.

I really want him to get the title, not because he’ll have a two thumbs up approval from my parents, but it leads him to great a career, more opportunities, and of course he can make more money.  A future that is temporarily blank for us, I don’t know if I am still be part of it. We talked about marriage, having a family but that shows no guarantee that in the end it’ll still be us.

*The only constant thing in this world is change…*

He told me last night that starting on Monday he’ll now involve blood, sweat, and tears in studying. Sad because I will be away from my best friend, the guy I constantly call whenever I have exciting stories to tell or just whatever happened to me the whole day. He’s my number one fan and a good listener, he can just take my breath away when he starts to laugh at my lousy jokes and his comment is very intellectual, one thing I like about him. I even suggest that I will accompany him when he studies but he said no. Maybe his right, he needs to be apart from destructions. I can be a destruction when things get kinky right? haha

I will now do my best to support him, extend my patience when he will not be able to see me or even can’t talk hours to me. I will do my best to avoid petty fights about nothing.  Maybe the remedy I need is a hobby, somebody to talk to, I wish my girl friends are not busy. I don’t want be a nuisance, I wanna be his inspiration. And I will be available  whenever time of the day he needs me. I will pray for him to reach his ambitions.

I am now planning to study again, hit the gym maybe. I will definitely miss the usual things we do but this is for the better.

We are not separating ways we will just allot more time to do professional business.

We might have a limited time to console our tactile bodies but I tell you, the commitment will remain.

Thus, I pledged. The only changed that will happen in this relationship we have is our physical appearance, not our love for each other. ♥

This is just a chapter (chapter 47, I shall say)  in our relationship. I am sure the next chapter will be more exciting than ever. Him saying “That time you will be Mrs. Adea” . I am more excited for the life we’ll have together as we do the things we have on our list. I love this guy so much and I am happy that aside from falling deeply in love with one another every single day, we are growing to be a better individual together.

*Behind every great man is a great woman*


Annoying Commuters

I am a daily commuter ever since I went to college I’ve been using the public transport. I am an observer whenever I am out and notice some things that annoy me every time I encounter it. It’s the lack of discipline of other commuters, it irritates me because they act as if they own the public transport.

1. MRT / LRT

These trains have female/elderly/children section except for the LRT 2 (purple line recto – santolan) what happens here especially during rush hour, whether morning (6am – 8am)  or night (5pm – 8pm), first people standing in line without stored valued tickets they inject themselves in between people who has been there hours ago and when someone reacts, they seem not hear anything at all. Second, after getting their tickets they will rush into the platform and do same thing except that time they push the people in front. The person who is waiting patiently was now pushed aside and didn’t caught the train that suppose to be her/his ride.

The female section of the train shows more brutality than the concourse area. They don’t wait for the other passenger to get off first before entering the train. They don’t mind about the security guards and the driver doing voice overs “Sa mga hindi nakasakay, next train na lamang po, next train” .

Maybe all of them were in a hurry.

As for the concourse area, if you are not with your husband/daddy/boyfriend ladies better stick with the mean girls on the other side of the train. If you’ll not see any gentleman that will offer their seat to you or see PDA (public display of affection), the go-get-a-room scenario, you, your butt, and your boobs will be squeeze by a nymphomaniac riding the same train.

These people take advantage of jam packed rides. Think a hundred times before taking a train again yet wake up early and catch a bus instead.

Speaking of Bus…..

2. BUS

Oooh, aside from the difference that Ordinary Buses i.e. Don Mariano, Pascual Liner, and the like make you feel like you are riding a roller coaster and Air-Condition Buses i.e. Philippine Corithian, Malrose, etc. move like turtles, they both not hi-jacker / snatcher / killer/ pick pocketer proof but the attitudes of the commuters are merely the same.

To stereotype those people who take the ordinary bus whether, again, in a hurry or just being two pesos stingy. Most of the time during rush hour, majority of the passengers are standing and after a minute you’re cellphone and/or wallet are all gone. It’s always been the scenario in the Philippines.

Some of them are sober, they smell gross actually. They’re like psychos because when they can’t get off they pull a knife out and scare not only the conductor but the other passenger as well.

For normal passengers, believe me they are more irritating than the two I mentioned above.

You’ll notice these signs almost everywhere. Other contains “Bawal ang tao dito” “Ang bangketa ay para sa tao” “Walang bababaan dito” only physically and mentally challenged people cannot understand those bold statements planted all over Metro Manila.

What I hate most is that when the driver is saying e.g. “O Cubao farmers na, wala ng bababaan sa harap, lahat dito na bumaba” I was looking at this one particular lady I know she was about to get off the bus but what she did when reached the loading area she shouted “Manong, baba pa ako” and the driver said irritably “wala na pong babaan dito, sakayan na ho ito e, teka sandali… O dali baba” and wonder what the lady did? She was the angry about what happened, she was saying “Salamat ah, Salamat” .

I really want to grab her hair and say “Ang tigas ng ulo mo eh noh, dun nga unloading eh, bat di ka bumaba agad at maglakad? Pilay?” But of course I don’t want to make a scene and I just made a big sigh.

Another kind of Bus passenger is the one who’s really in a hurry but has a big birth mark in his ass. Who told him to take the turtle bus anyway?

What he did (he’s a she btw) was quarrel the driver for being stopped by MMDA officers. He was saying that the driver has no brain that’s why we were caught. He was very loud, he even told the driver that he’ll call the bus operator to sue that driver.

I was about to burst on with laughters when he got off at SM North EDSA Buy bay and the driver pranked to bump him. Imagine from P.Tuazon to North Avenue he was ranting because HE’S RUNNING LATE.

And when the Bus is jam packed, no one would care if somebody’s getting off. They will just stand there, make their bags an obstacle and before you know it, you missed the bus station. I just can’t take it when all they need to do is to make some room for us to get off right? And while getting off, all the people who wants to catch the same bus are like hungry dogs, doing their best to get on the bus. Annoying yet so funny.

Such a lame and insensitive passengers. I take the bus everyday and experience different scenarios.

3. Jeepney

Jeepney drivers may stop in every alleys they will see just to get passengers, I will now enumerate the kinds of passenger that, of course, annoys me the most.

My all time favorite, passengers who do not obey traffic rules. When vehicle cannot unload that’s the best time they shout “Ma para po” especially when the jeepney is making a U-Turn and changing lane the driver cannot just swerve from right to left and left to right.

Passengers who smoke inside the vehicle. My god second hand smoke can kill millions, include third hand smoke, where you smell like your nicotine. I have asthma so I am really annoyed.

Passengers who sit like they paid all seats. We call it “Upong bente”, duh? why don’t you get off and take a cab. My goodness why such insensitive people like you exist?

Lastly, couples. Ugh Okay, I have a boyfriend and we don’t do such things they do. Hugging and Kissing and giggling and on your mind I know, I want to scream also “Go get a room”. Parting kisses I think is acceptable, but more than that? Can you just wait for you guys to reach home before doing that?

The three main public transport have a passenger in common and that is the…

sleepyhead people. I know you’re tired, but please if you are drank or something? Will you please control your head from hitting somebody else’s shoulders?

So much for these passengers. All I am saying is that please be sensitive that you are not the only one who’s commuting and running late. You don’t own those vehicles too. Yet if you are in a hurry, leave your house early so you can avoid the rush hour. A little discipline will make our everyday living a little lighter. 🙂

For Ferrylicious

I want my first blog to be something striking for my readers, has a core topic that will affect their everyday living. But to have a clutter mind while at the office I think my first blog will be something very light but heartwarming for the person I will talk about. I made another blog because of her and this is a sure benefit if I want to practice writing.

Well, Ferrylicious………

Her real name is FERRY MALLORCA [ I know she doesn’t want her real name to be here]. I met her around 2005, college days. She’s was of the loudest person I’ve known and she has this sense of humor that every time you want to pass it on others you cannot finish the whole story without laughing. She’s well driven, cause if she wants to learn something she’ll definitely work hard on it. She’s also very smart, [street smart?] LOL she’s a BIT lazy that’s why her Einstein brain is not working. I can tell you she’s a good cook too, she makes the best spaghetti . She’s insomniac, she can travel the entire world without any minute of sleep.

There’s so much about this woman that I adore. Though we may not share the darkest of secrets we get along just fine because of our common grounds; whether make ups, cosmo, novels, blogs, sex, gossips to name a few. We can share a cup of green tea ice cream that tastes like horse-chewed grass and laugh out loud.

I like her because she’s a true person and she means what she says. She may carry burdens in her heart but you’ll never see it. Couple of Coors Light can make her feel better. Have I mentioned that she’s an animal lover? Well she is, she loves dogs.

I am looking forward for more years laughing with her and I will be there for her.


Snap. Write. Reminisce.