My asthma returned, for good.

What Is Asthma?

Asthma (AZ-ma) is a chronic (long-term) lung disease that inflames and narrows the airways. Asthma causes recurring periods of wheezing (a whistling sound when you breathe), chest tightness, shortness of breath, and coughing. The coughing often occurs at night or early in the morning.


October 07, 2010 – After my gym session that day I went home and took a bath.

I was born with this chronic lung disease but it had subside when I entered secondary school. From time to time I will be having cough for a month and since I am older now I can manage not to tell my parents that I find it hard to breathe.

It was Holy Thursday this year when I had my attacked but then I was just given a Carbocistine because the doctor believe that my asthma was gone.

Then I started hitting the gym last August, exercise triggers asthma. Then we moved out where I exerted effort lifting heavy cabinets and even without sleep I still manage to do my normal session.

Look what happened to me.

I rushed myself to the hospital last October 14 because since October 11 I find it hard to breathe every night. I even had a hard time talking and going to work. When I got to the emergency room, I told them that I can’t breathe the doctors are asking if there’s somebody to accompany me but there’s no one.

When the doctor came with his stethoscope, he heard extreme wheezing. They injected me steroids right away and nebules. Hello Salbutamol!

After four sessions of nebules the wheezing did not subside and they told me that I had to be admitted.

Being in the hospital was no fun at all. You have needles inserted in and out from time to time. They have to give me steroids every 6 hours and nebule every 4 hours.

I am still not doing well at this time. Now I have my inhaler on the go for the rest of my life.

I am just worried that one of my children will inherit this.

*I can’t elaborate, but my stay was fun in a way :)*



My five best friends

I don’t know if these gals consider me as their best friend.

Maybe yes.

They say that true friends are the people you met during kindergarten but I don’t have anyone of them cause my parents won’t allow me to play outside and we often move.

I met these gals way back in college.

I want to share something them. (alphabetically)

1. Abida, Diah Mae

Oh, she’s the smartest and the most studious of all, class Cum Claude. First day of school? she was with her old friends, those who studied in LCCM also. Her classics are: hair doctor’s comb, heels, lenses for her left eye (?) and super highlights on her notes. She made me cry every time she ask me something about something I don’t want to tell anybody. She stays with me during edits and she laughs at my lousy jokes. She’s a sleepy head and very down to earth. My day is delighted every time I hear Diah laugh…

2. Binarao, Kathleen Kasinee Esther

The first person I met in college, literally, she was sporting this Jansport backpack sitting under the umbrella and I approached her “Miss, san yung S132?” hahahaha they call us Tom & Jerry cause ever since we always quarrel about everything. Whether Shakira is a rock star and so on. She’s my dancing buddy also, and she’s the one who boosted my self esteem. She told me “alam mo sam marunong kang sumayaw, kumanta, matalino, kulang na lang sayo guts” Well those words made me a STAR… wahahaha Kasinee is the girl I always tease, we accompanied each other and she’s my financial savior. She accompanied me to see Nomar at gateway(first time), when I don’t know anything about Cubao during those days. She’s obsessed with leopard print, PCD, and Shakira. A good debate rival. 🙂

3. De Guzman, Rochanna Marie

My Tsukebebs…. ♥♥♥ We have this intellectual connection that one look, no explanation, she got it. I got my beautiful dresses from her, she chooses good pieces for me. I can always go to there house if I need someone to talk to and we are constant textmates. This gal could call me at 2AM to say that she broke up with her boyfriend and after a while we are bursting with laughter. She’s the leader of the group (we all voted for her LOL). She has the most beautiful skin ever and her boobies? ENORMOUS. hahaha There’s so much happening we’ve done together and I was really touched when she introduced me as her best friend. If our laughs could be money, damn, we are so rich! LOL Reliable, Strong, and Gorgeous, really a true friend.

4. Espiritu, Jinky

Grr, super big photo. LOL. When it comes to art and the like, well this girl is my buddy. The quotes and everything, she’s the one who always notices my messy uniform, messy hair, excess fats, weird outfits, etc. She’s very opinionated and stubborn, she can’t decide right away. hahaha  Every time there’s an awkward moment we look at each other and do the “Adel” nod. We both love pictures, narcissistic, and her vocabulary is awesome. She’s my DevCom partner, she’s a proof reader, she aligns my margins and paragraph spaces. She makes lettering for me, and drew the dragonfly from my phone. I saw her cry, her struggles. One thing’s peculiar about her, she eats a lot but look at her body so skinny. She’s very supportive when it comes to Nomar&Sam love team ♥

5. Tubaña, Pamela Joy

Oh my this Gal is an alcoholic. hahaha Just kidding. She’s my living Soulmate, she’s forgetful at times, and we spent more time talking to each other rather than doing our task. We slept together, while making our thesis, and we share all the first in the world. I cried when…. *censored* LOL I always call her whenever there’s something exciting happened to me, and take note, she’s the person I was talking to when I was walking in the rain crying. She heard all my rants, poor ears. hahaha she compliments me in a nice way and wait she taught me how to get in to a place I never thought she would be the first one to went there. So Nice. hahaha

I love this gal so much, our life is like a chain reaction. I am happy that even after graduation we still manage to bond like we used to in college. Definitely my bridesmaid 🙂 I see this gals as my buddies until the end of time. I love you! ♥

ashoosee class/debel/kowmishown on owdit/sim-bahan/bubbly/i’m a bitch/crazy frog/kwadro/bernarda alba/tgm/sweet&spicy/manggang hilaw/kubo/conso office. ♥

My first job

I consider my self really lucky when it comes to opportunities. Why? Because they are like cards laid in front of me… Looking back I was a very timid student, I do recite of course, show off, but I never volunteered my self to any public showing activities until I was a college student.

I thought I will still be like who I was but things extremely changed when I got the highest average on our first ever preliminary exam  in theology, 96 %, cool right. And that started the thought that I was like smart and all.

The best exposure I had was when I starred in a play where I had a kissing scene with a 33 y/o guy.

*Photo from my friend’s multiply: That’s me. =p*

The play is entitled The Glass Menagerie. I fell in love with the lime light. I still made another play entitled The House of Bernarda Alba, where I got great compliments from everyone.

I am thankful that I met my director, Lito Casaje, he is a brilliant man. Until now he still offers me role and I wish I can say yes.

Fast forward….

I applied for a call center job year 2008 for the mere fact that my friend told me to apply. I got in but I have to stop and just continue my thesis. That time I received a 5,000 pesos for an impromptu speech I joined, the topic was “What is your greatest achievement?” then I got my back pay from Convergys by January.

Graduating from college, April 2009 I availed my free training about pre-employment since I have an experience on call centers, it was a piece of a cake for me. For two weeks I was paid 150 pesos a day which is not bad for non-employed like me. I applied for work, search the internet and sent my resumes. I was really hopeful to land on a job that I want,  a writer or  an editorial assistant. I had my training at the Summit Media Publishing so I assumed I can get in easily, sad to say I didn’t not apply and I don’t know why. The other option I had was to go back to Mellow Touch 94.7 since I do newscast every morning on their AM station. But then again it was not for me, maybe not now, I was invited to be beauty consultant for a beauty line that was not familiar to me, silly because I didn’t showed up at the final interview.

I received a call June 05, 2009 from an old friend, former president of the Mass Comm society at school was about to resign, she eyed me to be her replacement, I got the position.

I now work as a project assistant. My job nature is to market and organize the annual convention held for the cable operators in the Philippines. Though I got nothing to do from June – October once the event is on I got to talk to all sorts of people, from CEO’s to assistants like me.  The best part of this job is that I can express my ideas I have  my say when it comes to creative and I can surf the net while doing my work. Well, that’s pleasure, no firewall and everything. I travel, I rode the plane for the first time, and eat to restaurants that I thought I will never have a chance to try.  I had my first digital camera as a bonus and a seiko watch, I even bought a new phone. =)

*Late night snack at the Heritage Hotel, we stayed there for 5 days*

Until such time that I am ready to face broader world, I will never forget this generous company that printed my first paycheck .

*My PCTA Family, during the fellowship night*

Forty Six Months and Counting

*The best thing in life is finding someone who knows all your mistakes and weaknesses and still finds you amazing…”

Sarah Alyssa Marie Labrador Lanuza ♥ Nomar Lising Adea

“There are still few who loves desperately.” I read this quote and I can say yes it’s true. :] I do not care if he’ll change over time cause it’s true that people change, we just have to learn to accept a changed person. I am doing this blog because I would not be able to him tomorrow to celebrate. It’s our 46th month together, I like counting the days, so it’s 1,380 days. Normally, we don’t go to expensive restaurants nor watch movies during this day. We just send SMS or call each other, we don’t even give each other expensive gifts, for 3 years he hasn’t given me a teddy bear. LOL We practice “it’s the thought that counts” his cabinet is filled of my countless letters and artworks I made.

My first gift was the 24 letters I written the day I came home when we got together and gave it to him on our first month. I made newsletter, several graphics, which until now I keep on doing, I made a song, I edited a video, I recorded a poem, wrote several verses, and these blogs about us.

*When I talked, I only talk about you – Damage, I’ll be loving you forever*

I cannot come up with any more words to say, very redundant. Maybe I can call this, one of the fans for the flame of our burning relationship. I can fill this blog with love quotes or excerpts……

*It takes someone very special to make you smile with tears in your eyes*

Oh yes he does.

*One day I’ll find someone  I can laugh with all day, share deepest secrets with, talk about everything and have the best time of my life, until then, I won’t settle for less*

I found him already.

*When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible. – Harry Burns*

Speechless. I am spending it right now.

I’ve learned that there are three stages of love; (1) Sex Drive, physical attraction – Yes, I think you need to be physically attracted to that someone; (2) Romantic Love – Ooh courtship, flowers and chocolates are several here; (3) Attachment Phase – this is the stage when there are fewer fireworks, well, that’s true. They say romance stays only for 36-48 months, this why you need to keep the fire burning.

According to Greek Philosophy, humans are created with two heads, four arms, four legs, and then split into half, then your quest is to find that somebody who is your better half. He/she is your soul mate, such a CLICHÉ, so much about this.

All I know is that I am happy. He knows what I feel. I feel lucky. I am thankful.

All I want to do today is to stay in love with him as I am today. Head over heels but not obsession.

*Love is the only sane and satisfactory answer to the problem of human existence*



“Upon reading those verses of love, I knew that I am experiencing one of the best love story written for a human being, to realize the love of your life at this age is a blessing. Now all I want to do is to keep the fire burning. A pint of annoyance I feel whenever he acts crazy is nothing the gallon of sweet and intimate moments with each other. ” – Sam Lanuza, May 09, 2010

I hope you find your one true love too. ♥

[I am so happy babe, Thank you for everything. I love you so much]

We are meant to be, that’s why…

SIDEBAR: [okay I just finished my article about cable (pfft) and I am now sipping my black coffee, I gave up putting a creamer when I make my own coffee]

So what’s “dos” all about??? Call me silly if I am happy. I know some bitter people who cannot be happy for others even for their friends. I have been experiencing that kind of feedback ever since.

It’s like, “How long you’ve been together?” they I will say. “3 years, plus high school, it’s 8 years.” I am always proud whenever people ask me regarding how long we have been together and how we got together but after they heard the story most of the time they will say, “You know my ex and I have been together like forever and yet we separated.”  I would tell them not to worry cause I know what am I doing and I know my guy. I know that guy’s intestines have the same coil or whatever you call it but hey, can you please consider family upbringing, environment, and brain.

I don’t get mad at people whenever I see this green monster behind their back. I cannot blame them, because in some ways they show a little concern “Oops, it’d happened to me, might happen to you too.” a big thanks but if you’ll say “It will definitely happen to you too…” Are you guys kidding me? My ears are wide open for your stories, it’s not right to wish other people the same misfortune you had. You may pin point that my guy will do the same shit to me just like your old guy had done to you but does not mean anything to me anymore. It’s devastating when people around you pulls you down, like those crabs. Why can’t you be happy? If not for me do it for yourself.  Be happy. I think we should learn to be contented with what we have and stop praying for things that we want.  God has his own will for us, things we ask today might not be given right away cause he knows a lot better. What we are wishing are not meant to be ours, we all deserve a good one.

Thus, this does not just apply for the envy you feel towarsds your best friend’s love life. It applies on every single thing that you see on other people that you wish to have too.  I see this as challenged, a secret that keeps me on moving. I know what are you thinking, that I will just eat all the good things I am saying, I will prove you wrong.

But if that will make you happy then go ahead be the emotional vampire you have been ever since.

You’ll be seeing me in long trail one of these years. :]


Snap. Write. Reminisce.