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Staycation at Cocoon Boutique Hotel

I was looking for an affordable hotel with a pool and spa to stay over the weekend for hubby’s birthday. Mr. Google gave me Cocoon as one of the options. Cocoon is the sister hotel of Hive Hotel & Convention Center, luckily we had an event there twice and I was able to call our account manager to book a room.

Cocoon Boutique Hotel Timog

Cocoon Boutique Hotel Timog - Design

Cocoon Boutique Hotel Timog - Furniture

Cocoon Boutique Hotel is an eco-friendly hotel. From the lobby, you will see reclaimed wood accent which made the hotel cozy.

Cocoon Boutique Hotel Timog - De Luxe Room

The room has the same reclaimed wood accents. It feels like a house of your grand mother in the province plus luxury.

Cocoon Boutique Hotel Timog - De Luxe Room

It has a cable TV and WiFi for you to be still engaged in your digital world.

A nice bathroom with organic toiletries and Egyptian towels.


From the papers, menu, pens, twigs, they really are promoting a green business. Instead of replenishing PET bottles of water everyday, they refill your water in a mason jar.


And for the trash can, you have the most common practice of segregation.


This room also comes with breakfast – main dish ala carte and buffet side dishes (egg, fruit, bread, salad, and drinks)


Look how lovely the plate is, I ordered Tapa in over easy egg because I love Tapa.


I am impressed how a business could care to our environment. Even if they are just one establishment, it surely contributes to the rehabilitation of our nature. I hope more businesses will start doing small acts to save our environment for our future generation.

Will I come back? Definitely. I am starting to love staycations now.

And oh, Happy Birthday to my husband.

Price Range: PHP 4,200 – PHP 6,500
Location: Sct. Tobias corner Sct. Rallos, Diliman, Quezon City.

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First time to try AIRBNB

Stunning 37th floor view

My last early event went nuts when my team arrived late at the venue. Of course, you cannot blame the lack of sleep and heavy traffic because you’re the one who needs to adjust. So for the next event, we decided to book a place to stay so we won’t be late again. Looking around BGC, hotels could be really expensive, so I tried my luck on

I’ve seen my friends chose airbnb and my former head do have his own listing too, so I give it a shot.

Since his unit was not available, we searched for another and we found one on Mckinley Parkway (click the link for the airbnb listing). We were thrilled when we saw the place, it was so cozy and complete with amenities. When we say amenities, it is more than the amenities of some five-star suites in the metro.

Aside from the appliances, the bathroom is pretty much stuffed with the toiletries you will need.

They even have some perfume testers which guests can enjoy.

We checked in around 5pm then went back to work, our office was in the 34th street, in  BGC you can walk to place, but that was far. lol

We went to Mercato for dinner.


We could have stayed over the weekend to rest, but hey, I am a newly wed gal and I must go home. haha

I will definitely use airbnnb again for future travels.


Acuaverde Beach Resort, San Juan, Laiya, Batangas

Acuaverde Resort

It’s the time of the year when I will post another adventure. You got it right, summer is around the corner, actually it’s about to end. Thankfully, I was able to get some vitamin sea, by another yes, going back to Laiya.

Laiya, Batangas is my go-to summer destination, the resort choices are endless, good beach, good food, great activities. I have tried Balai sa San Juan, San Juan, BatangasVirgin Beach Resort, Laiya, BatangasPalm Beach Resort, Laiya, Batangas, and Laiya Coco Grove.

This year I tried Acuaverde Beach Resort for our (office)  annual summer getaway.

Discover Laiya’s Hidden Charm

Escaping from the daily grind is not enough for city-dwellers because avoiding the weekend crowd is important, too. And it’s possible at Acuaverde Beach Resort in Laiya, Batangas, Philippines.

Unlike other high-end resorts here and elsewhere, we do away with a “pre-packaged” kind of luxury accommodation, where hundreds of rooms are styled the same and sold to batches of tourists. At our Batangas beach resort, we put the emphasis back on where it should be — creating a cozy home in the tropics that even the most jaded of travelers will appreciate.

It starts with our quaint size and rustic charm. By offering only 26 spacious and comfortable rooms, you can easily savor the experience of staying in an exclusive retreat. Then it continues to our stunning surroundings, where you can either relax while being surrounded by nature, or enjoy a host of activities on the white sands and sapphire waters of Laiya Beach. After all, the resort owns one of the wider beachfront spaces in the area, where the best seats are the cozy sun loungers or in the shaded cabanas fronting the ocean.

With all these only 2 and a half hour from Manila, it’s easy to decide to spend a weekend at Acuaverde Beach Resort — or even longer.

Source: Acuaverde Website. 

Knowing that is also managed by the Acuatico Beach Resort, the resort has a good reputation. From the description above, I arrived with my expectations being exceeded. The place is charming by its modern Nipa Hut aesthetic. Their accommodation is divided into categories, twin rooms, family room, veranda rooms, plus their F&B area, Alfresco bar, and Spa area.




I love the room, it is so cozy. The bamboo accent from the headboard and curtain rod; the curtains are to die for, well, I love that kind of curtain that is why. They also have a complimentary tamarind juice as they have lots of the tamarind tree at the resort.


If you need anything, instead of the usual phone, you may ring a bell and a friendly staff will be at your doorstep. How cool, right?




Their food tastes great, for a starting price of P7000++ you’ll get to enjoy three buffet meals which are included in the room package you will avail.

One more thing about Acuaverde is they are pet friendly.


You may bring your dogs and let them swim or play Frisbee by the beach. You do not have to worry if you plan to stay over a weekend because you can bring your dog with you.

If you get tired of swimming you can try water activities, like Kayak, Snorkeling, Fly Board, Jet Ski, Banana Boat, Bandwagon, Fly Fish, Speed boat, Aqua Bike and more. It’s from a different entity though, but can be charged to your room.



We tried the Band Wagon and Snorkeling. It was fun standing it’s like Banana Boat 2.0.

They also have a children’s playground, Koi Pond, table tennis, beer Pong, and darts as indoor activities.

At the end of a tiring day, you can have their on-call massage service for P650.00.

WiFi is no problem, they have a complimentary fast internet from room, resort grounds, event/food area.

Should you have an event like weddings or team building they also cater to that.


I do not have anything much to say because I am pleased with their facilities and services. They even have an ongoing construction for additional rooms for the guests. Awesome!

My only concern would be is the travel time because, our supposed to be 2.5 hours became 6 hours because of some road construction around Rosario and Ibaan.

Overall, I will rate Acuaverde 9/10. I want to go back, maybe for a honeymoon?

What other Laiya Resorts would you recommend?


Boracay 2015 Photo Diary

I love summer! I always dreamt a life that I own a rest house in a beach front where I jog every morning with my dog, a Belgian Malinois to be exact. *laughs*

My colleagues and I decided not to be in Batangas and splurge in Boracay, the famous beach in the Philippines. This time with more activities like Island Hopping, Snorkeling, Helmet Diving, and Parasailing.

We stayed at Marzon Hotel in Station 3 assisted by Soutwest Travel and Tours. Southwest staffs are hospitable, from the Jetty Port to the hotel lobby they got you covered.

Since we are on a budget, we traveled by Sea via 2go travel. Although the cruising time is almost 8 hours, if you want to save money, it’s okay. But I am definitely recommending to book a plane and plan the vacation 6 – 8 months before as air fares go down sometimes.

I like staying on station 3 cause the beach is cleaner and quieter. Station 2 is best for food and bar hopping while station 1 is for splurge vacation.

There are a lot of water activities you could do in Boracay and each year it only gets exciting.

Island Hopping (PHP1,500/pax inclusive of Buffet Lunch) – First stop Snorkeling near Carabao Island, add 20 pesos for the gear; then Crystal Cove for cave exploration with PHP200 entrance fee (optional); next lunch at another island; then Puka Beach; then another snorkeling near station 3. The whole island hopping will take 3 – 4 hours.

Helmet Diving (PHP500/pax inclusive of photo and video CD) – Speedboat going to the diving site, you will submerge in the water up to your shoulder before they put the 25kg helmet then the diver will help you. This will take 15 – 20 minutes, they will give you fish feeders so the fish will come to you and they’ll capture the video.

Parasaling (PHP700 – 1500/pax) depending on the provider, prices vary on how you bargain and how big is your group. This is a must try for me because you will see the breathtaking Sulu Sea from afar.

Other Boracay activities include, sunset sailing, cliff diving, paddle boarding, kite surfing, ATV, Zorb, and many more. You may talk to the local volunteers to help you if you are a big group or go to the establishment yourself.

Here are some of our photos:

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CASBAA 2014 | Day 3 | Hong Kong


Finally! The back to back to back meeting is over. We managed to talk to all the people we want to meet and learned a lot.

Writing yesterday’s entry resulted to not having a breakfast. Our meeting started at 10 am; we used Uber Car Services and then had a Japanese lunch.

We also met with our equivalent association from Thailand and more content providers.

We had dinner in Tim Ho Wan, Pork Bun is amazing! We stroll the IFC mall but no hope of getting a cheap shoe replacement.

The waiting time for a cab was long so we decided to go to Wyndham and check Dragon-I bar. I had a boost and we talked about things without boundaries.

realizations there are things that aren’t in your hands and there are things that is normal in any society. People love to complain… and me? I need to be more mature

I packed my things for tomorrow. I miss Manila already. I need to work on the projects that we have and hopefully, me and my team could get things done.

see my Instagram summary deed below…








I’ve been pretty consistent with my online diary once again.


I hope everything is going well with everyone. If it’s rough, don’t worry it’ll pass.