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Car Accident: Why we need better transportation?

On my way to work this morning, I was involved in a car accident. I was sleeping when suddenly I fell off my seat. The driver was cursing, when I gained my orientation, I saw a white sedan had hit us. The impact was strong, from the looks of it, the car was severely damaged.

The driver even have to crawl to the passenger seat cause he couldn’t open his door. I was lucky I was not sitting on that side.

Hassle. I have to report the incident and book another ride. I set the destination going to work but being superstitious I imagined a final destination scenario where I’ll met another accident. Husband told me to change the pin and go home.

The second uber driver didn’t want to drive me home. I told him I’ll be charged a cancellation fee. I also pointed the accident area and told him I was the passenger there and have to book again. (He set destination going to Cavite that is why) he was kind to take me home.

Accident area: Hillcrest Drive cor Shaw Blvd. 

I am safe. Thank God! I didn’t want to post this because I do not want to tell everyone what happened to me. I only texted my officemates, husband, and in laws when I got home.

Uber refunded my fare. 

Why am I sharing this? Because of the news! I cannot believe how narrow minded law makers could be. There are other ways to regulate a transportation company. 

Commuters prefer TNVS because it is safer, they abide by the companies’ rules, they have accountabilty, customer support, and so on. Innovators created Uber and Grab to resolve the existing transportation problem that the local government can’t do.

Now PUV’s are complaining because they are out of business. Who’s fault it is?

I actually quit my day job because I cannot stand paying P15k per month for Grab/Uber bill, transportation is not included in my salary package. I am still late, salary is deducted. 

The surge is high, fare could reach P600 per trip and I do not have a choice. I want to go home. I even do some work in transit, have my breakfast, and take a nap. The traffic was at its worst. I do not want to experience same incidents I have experienced before using our existing tranportation available.

MRT: Got busted, need to walk on the rail. Cut trips because a train got busted in another station. 

Bus: Sat beside a maniac jerking off and saw how he wiped his semen on to the seat, GROSS; Hijacked by snatchers twice; lost phones. 

Jeepney: Same snatchers; My skirt being pulled up in Recto. 

What incident do we need to experience before we addressed the issue? It’s not all the time we will go to police stations to press charges, right? 

It is not just about the business competition. It is about the citizen’s safety and convenience for them to function better in their workplace and help this country progress. The implementation of laws without corruption (how I wish).

Even if sometimes, citizens feel entitled, it won’t hurt to feel/see where the taxes are going. 

This is a plead for PUV unity. 


Breakfast for Snack: Mini Pancakes by Caravan Black

Caravan Black_BGC_Pancake
Photo by: Shaii Dela Cruz (iPhone 6s)

If you follow my Instagram or this blog, you will know how much I love breakfast. When I had a quick meeting at Caravan Black, we ordered these two sets of mini pancakes — Salted Caramel Dip and Nutella Banana.

Its bite sized goodness makes you want to munch for more. I like the salted caramel more, but the one with Banana seems to be healthy-ish so we ate them all. I end up licking the salted caramel sauce up to the last drop.

Should you want to try their coffee, I recommend the Localmotion to get that caffeine fix going. You may also try their Salted Caramel cookies cause it so good.

This is such a short post and shout out to my friend Shaii; thank you for taking my food photos lately.

Caravan Black is located in G/F Net Park Building, 5th Avenue, BGC

Dinner at Denny’s Diner


Hooray for a restaurant/diner post. I am in the middle of contemplating whether I should still keep this little space alive because I cannot longer maintain it. But the main purpose of this blog was really to capture my memories, the digital version of my diary.

Enough drama! It is my third time in Denny’s the first two was in BGC when my first visit was only a glass of Mojito and the second one was a dinner with friends (photo below)

My third visit was in Trinoma for a dinner celebration with the husband. From my previous post you will see that we celebrated his birthday with a staycation and we went out to get a bath bomb and dinner.


He ordered this Bourbon Burger which I snatch some bacon, my closeup cannot justify how huge it is.


As for me, I got myself a Bistek Terderloin. I also ordered their lemonade (cause I love lemonade) and then husband got his beer.


I love Denny’s because they offer all day breakfast, not to mention Filipino Breakfast, yay! And then pancakes, lots of varieties. Their establishment has screens hanging around the area with sports shows on it, I figured out, that’s the purpose of the burgers, beers, skillets, and nachos in the menu. They have more offerings than I could type in this entry. By the way, they are part of the Bistro group so if you have the Bistro card you can enjoy member perks and discounts.

Since they are 24/7 in BGC, most likely, I will see myself going back for another round of Mojito!


BGC: Uptown Parade, 38th Street
Trinoma: Level 4, Garden Restaurants

Staycation at Cocoon Boutique Hotel

I was looking for an affordable hotel with a pool and spa to stay over the weekend for hubby’s birthday. Mr. Google gave me Cocoon as one of the options. Cocoon is the sister hotel of Hive Hotel & Convention Center, luckily we had an event there twice and I was able to call our account manager to book a room.

Cocoon Boutique Hotel Timog

Cocoon Boutique Hotel Timog - Design

Cocoon Boutique Hotel Timog - Furniture

Cocoon Boutique Hotel is an eco-friendly hotel. From the lobby, you will see reclaimed wood accent which made the hotel cozy.

Cocoon Boutique Hotel Timog - De Luxe Room

The room has the same reclaimed wood accents. It feels like a house of your grand mother in the province plus luxury.

Cocoon Boutique Hotel Timog - De Luxe Room

It has a cable TV and WiFi for you to be still engaged in your digital world.

A nice bathroom with organic toiletries and Egyptian towels.


From the papers, menu, pens, twigs, they really are promoting a green business. Instead of replenishing PET bottles of water everyday, they refill your water in a mason jar.


And for the trash can, you have the most common practice of segregation.


This room also comes with breakfast – main dish ala carte and buffet side dishes (egg, fruit, bread, salad, and drinks)


Look how lovely the plate is, I ordered Tapa in over easy egg because I love Tapa.


I am impressed how a business could care to our environment. Even if they are just one establishment, it surely contributes to the rehabilitation of our nature. I hope more businesses will start doing small acts to save our environment for our future generation.

Will I come back? Definitely. I am starting to love staycations now.

And oh, Happy Birthday to my husband.

Price Range: PHP 4,200 – PHP 6,500
Location: Sct. Tobias corner Sct. Rallos, Diliman, Quezon City.

*Not a sponsored post

Man’s Best Friend

Before I get back to my crazy job world, I went home to Laguna to spend time with my family. Aside from seeing my siblings and parents, I look forward seeing my (our) dog, Chichay. I met her as a puppy and I am glad that even though I don’t go home as often as I would , she stills remember me. 

She is even calm with my husband now. I wish I could have a dog in QC but I can’t.

Just the other day we lost Alex, our five year old Shih Tzu, my sister told me he had his last cry before they found him cold and dead. Losing a pet is like losing a family. 

Dogs are gifts, they are the best thing that could happen to you. Do you have a dog? Love them because they love you more than their bark could express. 

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.