Car Accident: Why we need better transportation?

My uber car was hit by a private sedan on the way to work. It is not safe anywhere but an order to prevent their service is unreasonable. #Wewantubergrab


Man’s Best Friend

Before I get back to my crazy job world, I went home to Laguna to spend time with my family. Aside from seeing my siblings and parents, I look forward seeing my (our) dog, Chichay. I met her as a puppy and I am glad that even though I don't go home as often as … Continue reading Man’s Best Friend

New from Coffee Bean: Pure Hazelnut Drink

I've been in and out of Coffee Bean for our event last Saturday and during our final meeting, their store manager, Corrine let me try their newest drink. It is the Ice Blend Non-Coffee Pure Hazelnut Drink.  At first sip, I have forgotten my name. If you love nutella you will surely love this one … Continue reading New from Coffee Bean: Pure Hazelnut Drink