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First time to try AIRBNB

Stunning 37th floor view

My last early event went nuts when my team arrived late at the venue. Of course, you cannot blame the lack of sleep and heavy traffic because you’re the one who needs to adjust. So for the next event, we decided to book a place to stay so we won’t be late again. Looking around BGC, hotels could be really expensive, so I tried my luck on

I’ve seen my friends chose airbnb and my former head do have his own listing too, so I give it a shot.

Since his unit was not available, we searched for another and we found one on Mckinley Parkway (click the link for the airbnb listing). We were thrilled when we saw the place, it was so cozy and complete with amenities. When we say amenities, it is more than the amenities of some five-star suites in the metro.

Aside from the appliances, the bathroom is pretty much stuffed with the toiletries you will need.

They even have some perfume testers which guests can enjoy.

We checked in around 5pm then went back to work, our office was in the 34th street, in  BGC you can walk to place, but that was far. lol

We went to Mercato for dinner.


We could have stayed over the weekend to rest, but hey, I am a newly wed gal and I must go home. haha

I will definitely use airbnnb again for future travels.



Kitchen Tools Haul

Hey guys! It’s my first time to write a haul here and that is because I am so happy about my recent purchase.

Landmark Trinoma is on sale up to 50% off and I took advantage completing my kitchen haven. 

This was not crazy shopping I just got a few items that I currently need for my cooking. 

  1. Cocktail Shaker
  2. Stirrer
  3. Measuring cup 
  4. Movable Stick / rolling pin
  5. Cookie Cutter
  6. Ice cream scoop
  7. Pastry Blender

I bake a lot lately and I love mojito so basically these are essentials. I can’t believe that all of them was P688 (10% off on every item) not bad huh?

My favorite place on our house is Kitchen, how about you?


Scents and Sensibilities Bloggers’ Par-TEA plus Fragrance Tips

If you read my post last Saturday about Angel’s Kitchen {here} you’ll remember I mentioned that the afternoon tea party was hosted by scents and sensibilities. We were only four bloggers there and after eating those delectable dishes served to us, we started the fragrance party.

I love fragrance, for the home I love citrus scents and lavender. For myself, I am into musky perfumes and vanilla. I am so excited to know more about this company so before I delve into the fragrance haven, let me talk about the company first, Scents and Sensibilities are all about the affair Ms. Mazie Sycip-Qua with fragrances. According to her, fragrance brings back memories, her favorite smell is lavender. What inspired her to make her own fragrance line, is when she can no longer find the Olive Dry Mist from a famous brand.

S&S proudly notes that all their products are hand crafted. Her line is mainly for home and now adding more body products to their collection.

First up, Reed Diffuser, ideal for rooms, bathrooms, or anywhere you want. As of the moment they have ten (plus one) scents available – Lavender, Olive Oil, Grapefruit & Eucalyptus, Ginger Green Tea, Citronella, Tangerine & Ginger, Sage & Ginseng Mint, Basil Mandarin & Lime, Orange Vanilla, and Yuletide Pine.

Reed Diffuser

Back to back partner with the linen and room spray. You get to have your own fragrant paradise at home. You can spray this on your bedding, curtain, and even your clothes. You may also spray this on your fluorescent light and/or light bulb before turning it on, since light heat up overtime, it will diffuse the smell all over the room.

Room & Linen Spray

My favorite scent is olive oil, sage & ginseng mint, and citronella. I was amazed when we asked how she combine the scents and she said through instinct. Amazing, right?

Going to the body department now, we have the Dry Oil Mist, infused with essential oil with a benefit of a moisturizer, you will get the scent that locks in moisture.

Body MistSo this dry mist is perfect for our humid weather.

I also learned from this event how to layer scents, our old trick is to use the same scent of shampoo, soap, and even perfume. Ms. Maizie taught us a new technique — pat dry your skin, apply dry mist, let it dry. Now on to the second step, use the same variant of Eau de Toilette, and spray on your wrist, neck, and hairline. When you feel hot and you perspire the scent will diffuse.

S&S will also be coming out with more body products in the future. What I really excited about for them to launch is their soy candles, hopefully it will become massage candles.

Soy Candle

Soy candles are better than paraffin because it doesn’t produce harmful smoke and if infused with essential oils it will really be perfect for massage. As of the moment, they have almond vanilla, ginger green tea, morning dew, serendipity, and woods on Harvard.

I totally agree with Ms. Maizie when she said that fragrance unlock memories, as it lingers to our senses during the moment, when we get the chance to smell that particular scent again, it’s the instant time machine.


If you want to know more about Scents & Sensibilities, you may visit them at 4F SM Megamall Fashion Hall or follow them on social media – Facebook (/scentsandsensibilities.bodyhome); Twitter (@SCENTSnSensibilities); Instagram (scents_and_sensibilities)

Gift Ideas: Personalized Home Decorations

Two years ago I was hunting for a Christmas Gift for my colleagues. Papemelroti, one of favorite novelty store, was my first choice. They have scrapbooking materials, recycled papers and notebooks, recycled crafts and more.

I have an eye for chic, vintage, looking type of home decor that is why I am always there. They are also affordable and they promote saving the environment.

Here’s what I got


A customized hook. You can choose whether to place a hook or not. If I remember correctly this is less than PHP500 (please inquire at papemelroti as they might changed the price). The price is per letter. This is pre-ordered, you go to the store and fill up some forms and pay down payment.

After two weeks you may pick up the finished product.

This is perfect at home where you can display inspirational words in your bedroom or other parts of the house. You can use the word ‘Towel’ and hang it in the bathroom.

Ask to remove the hook and you can simply say ‘welcome’ and more words.

I chose my name because as always, I am certified self-confessed HR (hopeless romantic). I feel that this piece is found in most Nicholas Sparks’ romantic novels which setting is in suburbs. Haha

Funny thing was I never got my colleagues their piece because I forgot to come back and order.

I am currently renovating my room and still… cozy and chic are still my criteria…

Happy Saturday!


Our very own Farmville! (It’s more fun in Laguna)


It’s been four months since we moved to Calamba, Laguna for good. So far I had constant asthma attack maybe because of my transportation from work (Pasig City) going home. Add the very cold climate in our area (We are near Tagaytay) I am pretty sure I will be having more lungs episode with that.

Setting aside my asthma, I enjoy the place, the fact that it is all ours, no more rents. And though I have no social life now, the surrounding is relaxing. I enjoy having no neighbor and the crickets at night.

Last Saturday, I skipped going to Manila just to rest and I went outside to take photos.


I caught this bird outside my bedroom window, sitting quietly on the straw cords that supports our newly planted bamboos.

I decided check out our veggies. In four months they are growing healthy.


We have squash and tomato. Every time we cook we just throw out the seeds, surprisingly it grows.


Pandan Leaves. This one is imported from BF’s backyard I asked his aunt if I could pull out some and thank goodness it didn’t die.


Alugbati. I do not know what is the English term for this, my mom brought this also from manila.


Malunggay or Moringa. The power plant my dad asked his friend to chopped some of the old branches in their backyard and we laid them around our lot perimeter to serve as fence.


String Beans. I forgot to ask my mom where she got this string beans but it’s crawling around the pipe from the roof. (I am pretty bad with terms, I hope you got what I meant Smile with tongue out)


Bitter Gourd. This one is also from our kitchen when we cooked Ampalaya con carne mom threw out the seeds.


Banana. This is not the full grown banana it’s what we call Señorita the small variant of Banana. We have three of these planted as fence also.

We also have onions, Water Spinach, and Camote Tops that I forgot to photographed.

I told my mom to have Bell Peppers, Chili, Eggplant, Okra, Ginger, and other veggies so we do not have to go to the market and buy them (it’s expensive). haha

I am excited for the fruits, especially the squash because it’s big and heavy.

On our front yard we have flowers and other house plants.



I do not know what are they called. Who knows? Please comment below I am curious.


We are planning to get Bermuda Grass once this unknown grasses die. Look at our dog Alex, playing around.

I also practiced taking macro shots manually. (My camera is Canon Powershot S90, outdated but still trustworthy)


No edits except for the watermark.



Please let me know the names of these plants.

My mom took care all these. She’s bored when we are all in Manila for work. She has a green thumb and the soil here is indeed healthy.

You got to see the obese earthworms we have. I will photograph one this weekend.

And of course the naughty Alex never failed to make me laugh. I caught him smelling the flowers. Maybe hunting something to give this Valentine. Open-mouthed smile



Plants and pets are very relaxing. I never regretted any single day that my family moved permanently to Laguna. Besides Ciudad de Calamba will be as famous as Nuvali in Sta. Rosa in years time, Filinvest’s marketing people should be aggressive selling the lots. I am excited for our club house, they haven’t started building it yet because nobody bought any property in Phase 1 yet.

Oh well, I hope we can finish fixing the house in months.

Have a great week ahead!