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Last 23 October I had the time of my life. I got to learn how to cook bacon in so many ways, special thanks to #BaconfestMNL. We were in an intimate test kitchen location – Back of the House in Quezon City and San Miguel (Purefoods) Chef RJ Garcia was there to teach us.

Back of the House


I didn’t know that I can incorporate bacon in other dishes. Scroll below and choose the one you can try at home.

Let us start with an appetizer – Liver Bacon Wrap



  • Purefoods Thick Cut Spicy Barbecue Bacon
  • Liver, cleaned
  • Olive Oil
  • Truffle Oil
  • White Wine
  • Mango Puree Alfalfa Sprouts

How to cook:



  1. Season your liver with salt and pepper
  2. Wrap liver with bacon
  3. Secure with toothpicks
  4. Pan fry/sear the bacon rolls until cooked.
  5. Add White Wine, simmer. Let it reduce and fry once more.
  6. Set aside.
  7. Assemble your plate by spreading the mango pure at the bottom, add your bacon rolls, sprinkle the alfafa sprouts and then add truffle oil.


The earthy flavor of the liver went well with the spiciness of the bacon as well as with the sweetness of the mango puree. Oooh! I can eat all of them.

On to the Soup – Seafood Bacon Soup



  • Mixed Seafoods – Crab, Fish, Mussels, Shrimp
  • Mirepoix – Onion, Celery, Carrots
  • Tomato Sauce (Chunky)
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Purefoods Honey Roasted Thick Cut Bacon

How to cook:


  1. Sautee mirepoix mix
  2. Add canned tomatoes and paste
  3. Add seafood, shells, and crab
  4. Simmer until the fish is tender
  5. Season with salt and pepper
  6. Add Bacon.


And lastly, the pasta.


The highlight of this dish would be the Gremolata and the mushrooms. I never thought I could enjoy an oil based pasta. This time we used the Honey Roast Thick Cut Bacon.


Big white plates are perfect food canvass, I am thinking to invest on my own. I am beyond thankful to #Baconfestmnl for having me over and for teaching me this recipes.



As of this writing, I have consumed this 5kg bacon, of course I sent them to my family. 

xx, S.


Bloggers Par-TEA at Angel’s Kitchen

Last 16 April, I got a chance to be on the bloggers’ par-TEA in Angel’s Kitchen, San Juan. The said Par-TEA was hosted by Scents and Sensibilities, your home of sensible scents. I will do a separate post on SandS because I want to focus to the sumptuous meal we had.

Angel’s Kitchen is located at 57 Connecticut Street, San Juan. If you are not familiar with the area, you’ll wonder why there is no public transport. I took a cab from the office and then walked to EDSA going home.

Anyway, outside it looks like a bakeshop, the parking in front covered the entrance. But when you enter it’s a like a sanctuary, a hideout from a busy city.

Angels Kitchen

The area is just enough for quick breakfast, afternoon delights, and light dinner. It looks so chic and cozy, you can read books while having a tea.

The par-TEA was awesome it was light and casual, Ms. Maizie, Tina, and Arvie made the conversation so perky we laughed all the time.

And the food….

Beef Taquitos

This is Beef Taquitos, a DIY Nacho Style appetizer. The lettuce is shredded; the tomatoes and onions are finely chopped; and of course the cheese is grated. I forgot to ask what is the crispy “taco shell” but it is so delish.

Tuyo Putanesca

Then they served the Tuyo Putanesca, it’s my first time to taste one. Normally, Tuyo or dried fish is salty, but with the Putanesca sauce and olives it’d balance everything.

Longganisa Sliders

Here’s the Longanissa Sliders, longanissa is the Filipino version of chorizo, most versions are sweetened others are garlic-y. Here in Angels’ Kitchen it is just right. The size of the bun is almost bite making you eat a little more without feeling that you had too much.

Cassava Mantecado

And lastly, dessert Cassava Mantecado it’s a cassava cake with buttermilk ice cream. It’s the softest cassava cake I had, I don’t eat cassava that much because I don’t like how they were cooked, most of the time stiff.

In between our chats, I sipped freshly brewed teas.

Blooming Tea

I had roasted green tea but in the photo above it is called the Blooming Tea as it blooms in the water when you immerse it and got soaked.

I really enjoyed our tea party and I am so glad to be part of an intimate event. Of course we wouldn’t miss a group shot, so here it is.

Bloggers Par-Tea

I hope you are all doing well. xo, SAMMY

P.S. I am using a new lens for my camera and  a watermark. How was it? 

Buffalo Wild Wings at Capitol Commons

Date Stamp: January 27, 2015

Every Filipino loves food and they love sports too, that is why when Bistro introduced a sports bar in the Philippines the VIP night was jam-packed with food and sports lovers. As for myself, I got to be there because I love Buffalo Wings (and ze bf loves beer) so I went to Estancia Mall and witnessed the madness. Special shout out to my PerkComm friends, Jap, for inviting me. 

Going to Estancia Mall is a bit tricky if you are not familiar with Capitol Commons, you will get confused. Capitol Commons is the former Municipality hall of Rizal, near the Ynares Sports Center. I went to Megamall first (take note, my office is on Emerald Avenue) and I tried to hail a cab in Shaw Boulevard, no chance. Then I walk and walk and walk and walk…. Finally, I reached Capitol Commons.

When I entered the place, I said “Oooh!!! Those screens are enormous and they are a lot”… “Whoa, the bar is at the center”… “Wow, their beers are draft”… “Too many flavors for  buffalo wings” You could just not imagine how stunned I was. I immediately imagined  the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight already, FIBA, FIFA, and other sports event that could be held there. If I am not mistaken the place can accommodate 200 – 300 pax (need to double check this!).

For me, it’s a place for bonding and after the sporty night gathering. It’s nice to see sports bar here in PH. I met new friends in the VIP Night (hello, Chessika) and I enjoyed it.

Love sports and buffalo wings? You better check this out.

Here are the photos from the event:

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For more information, visit their Facebook Page (/BuffaloWildWingsPhilippines)

Some snapshots from #PCTACONVENTION2015

I’ve been organizing this event for quite sometime and every year is a brand new experience. This year’s edition is the most challenging for me as I was undergoing transition while juggling other tasks in between. 

I know there were mishaps in between days but it was all worth it. I am excited to get the photos from my official photographer.


It’s my first time to deploy two-way radio and I was black widow. In all fairness this is so useful for the event.


Also, it is my first time to wear shorts for ingress. LOL


First day is always packing of kits, any conference organizers know this.


Haven’t ate properly and my sweet bf never fails to amaze me by sending me a burger.


 Second day – I missed the new highlight of our show so my staff brought me some Jap goodness.


 Opening – I would not say that this is an epic fail but it was entertaining.


 And then at night my friends from Solar asked me to sing and they awarded me the as the star of the night. I sung “Stay” by Lisa Loeb. 


 And for Fellowship Night, my legs got all tired at the backstage. 

The show was worth it.

I was lucky to have a reliable EA. 


And though I am not a fan of celebrities, Jason Dy got my attention. 


And for my last night, I screamed at the top of my lungs to release all the stress I had from the crazy week. 

Amazing experience!  

For the love of Coffee: Figaro Foundation’s CSR

*photo diary*

Last September 27, 2014 I joined the tree planting project of the Figaro Foundation as part of their CSR. I was with my friend Eyah and her friend Andy. We went to the Figaro head office first and then took a private shuttle to the tree planting site.

coffee 2


Coffee basics were discussed by Mr. Enzo Tandico, OIC for Commisary, including the four kinds of coffee that grows in the Philippines, namely, Excelsa, Robusta, Liberica (barako), and Arabica. Coffee originated in Ethopia and because of gallon trade, coffee reached the Philippines.

Coffee only grows in countries near the equator, luckily Philippines is near the invisible line and we were able to grow coffee. Coffee has been a strong commodity since 1970 but because of the wipe out, Southern Luzon is rebuilding its coffee empire.

We reached Cavite state university around 10:30 in the morning, after a brief introduction and planting demo, we begin the planting.



Figaro_Ms Joan

Figaro_Dr Mojica

Planting Demo

Planting Demo 2

I planted five trees all in all and according to them after 3 – 5 years my coffee tree will start to bear its fruit. How exciting?

Figaro_Sam Lanuza_plants



Figaro_sam lanuza

After planting, we headed up to the roasting site and checked out freshly roasted beans.

Coffe Beans

They have their own brand called Aguinaldo Blend.

Fact: Emilio Aguinaldo is the first President of the Philippines and he declared freedom in Cavite. 


If you want to be remembered, plant a tree. 


I am very glad I did. I am excited to harvest it in the future. Thank you Figaro for a wonderful experience. This is my second tree planting, by the way. I wonder how’s my tree in Pantabangan Dam, Nueva Ecija.

Happy Weekend!