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Breakfast for Snack: Mini Pancakes by Caravan Black

Caravan Black_BGC_Pancake
Photo by: Shaii Dela Cruz (iPhone 6s)

If you follow my Instagram or this blog, you will know how much I love breakfast. When I had a quick meeting at Caravan Black, we ordered these two sets of mini pancakes — Salted Caramel Dip and Nutella Banana.

Its bite sized goodness makes you want to munch for more. I like the salted caramel more, but the one with Banana seems to be healthy-ish so we ate them all. I end up licking the salted caramel sauce up to the last drop.

Should you want to try their coffee, I recommend the Localmotion to get that caffeine fix going. You may also try their Salted Caramel cookies cause it so good.

This is such a short post and shout out to my friend Shaii; thank you for taking my food photos lately.

Caravan Black is located in G/F Net Park Building, 5th Avenue, BGC


Dinner at Denny’s Diner


Hooray for a restaurant/diner post. I am in the middle of contemplating whether I should still keep this little space alive because I cannot longer maintain it. But the main purpose of this blog was really to capture my memories, the digital version of my diary.

Enough drama! It is my third time in Denny’s the first two was in BGC when my first visit was only a glass of Mojito and the second one was a dinner with friends (photo below)

My third visit was in Trinoma for a dinner celebration with the husband. From my previous post you will see that we celebrated his birthday with a staycation and we went out to get a bath bomb and dinner.


He ordered this Bourbon Burger which I snatch some bacon, my closeup cannot justify how huge it is.


As for me, I got myself a Bistek Terderloin. I also ordered their lemonade (cause I love lemonade) and then husband got his beer.


I love Denny’s because they offer all day breakfast, not to mention Filipino Breakfast, yay! And then pancakes, lots of varieties. Their establishment has screens hanging around the area with sports shows on it, I figured out, that’s the purpose of the burgers, beers, skillets, and nachos in the menu. They have more offerings than I could type in this entry. By the way, they are part of the Bistro group so if you have the Bistro card you can enjoy member perks and discounts.

Since they are 24/7 in BGC, most likely, I will see myself going back for another round of Mojito!


BGC: Uptown Parade, 38th Street
Trinoma: Level 4, Garden Restaurants

Solstice by Illustrado

It’s been a long time since I attended a blogger event. My startup events life has always been busy lately. I got an invite from Aldous to celebrate his birthday at Solstice in Rockwell.

I’ll be with Eyah, so I said yes. It was raining that night and when we arrived at the venue a trio was playing.

Solstice By Illustrado is formerly known as Solstice Bistro and Boulangerie offering modern continental and heritage Filipino-Spanish cuisine.

As they unveiled new items in the menu they have also revamped the dining area to cater festivities. The main dining room can seat up to 120 guests while the room upstairs is perfect for small functions not more than 25 guests.

I get to eat with Chef Bernice, while she passionately explain the twist she brought in each dishes.

Let me show you some of their best sellers and new items that we all going to look forward to.

Baked Eggplant in Filo
Baked Eggplant in Filo

At first glance I thought these were samosas but when you dig into it, your grilled eggplant taste memory will come back to life and satisfy your palette. If you prefer something light this can be your go to lunch.

Truffled Hummus
Truffled Hummus

I love hummus and this version with truffle oil? Heavens! Must try for appetizers.

Salmon Ceviche Poke
Norwegian Salmon Ceviche Poke

If you are looking for something refreshing, I am highly recommending this Poke with Salmon Ceviche. It has fresh veggies from crunch, brown rice, teriyaki sauce, nori, and the ceviche. This for me is another satisfying healthy choice from the menu.

Sisig Kapampangan
Sisig Kapampangan

Not the usual mayonnaise based sisig that we all see in commercial places. This is cooked in home made liver spread gravy topped by red and green chilis with of course crispy pig ears, skin, and mascara.

Adobong Bagnet with Crab Fat
Adobong Bagnet with Crab Fat

This for me was the star of the night. Why? Because adobo is my jam. The crab fat made the sauce richer and the crispy bagnet? Perfection. The atsara also caught my attention as it has a distinct flavor from bay leaves. It was sweet, tangy, and refreshing if you find the bagnet too overwhelming.

Aligue Pasta with Soft Shell Crab
Pasta Aligue with crispy Soft shell Crab

Better to have a detox after cause this dish is irresistbly delicious. The crunch from the soft shell crab gave this pasta a character. It is not too rich if you will ask. The sauce is just right and the pasta – aldente!

Callos Madrileña
Callos Madrileña

Gooey Ox goodness just the way you like it. If you really love Spanish dishes this is perfect for your cold rainy dinner.


Moving on to another signature dish — Paella, I shall say I don’t even have to order viand because this one full of all your favorite toppings. They used annato oil instead of saffron and its taste is not too strong which is why it goes well with other dishes.


This one for me was one of the best that night. I love thin slices pizza because I get more flavor than bread. Shroom Pizza, one of their best sellers (left photo) connected our conversation when we tried to unfold where to get truffles and where to use truffle oil. While the Chorizo pizza became my instant favorite.


My plate was full of food samples that made my dinner, but of course, I left room for dessert. This dessert is so epic I forgot my name. *laughs*


Behold — Mango Jubilee with Sampaguita Ice Cream and toasted almonds. I was telling my co-bloggers that night that it tastes familiar. I cannot sleep thinking about it, and after a day I realized I am referring to Guyabano. On the other hand, the Matcha Cookies and Cream modernized the concept of milk and cookies, so yes, you may dunk or perhaps spread the cream to your cookies.

It was raining really hard that night, but the Solstice team was really accommodating to wait for us until we can get a ride. I am recommending for you to pay a visit to rekindle or even boost your love for Filipino food.


For reservations, you may call (+632) 802 1891, from 11 AM to 11 PM daily. Follow @solsticebyillustrado on Instagram and like for more updates.

Dinner at Gringo, SM The Block

Ever since SM The Block has been renovated, new restaurants came alive. I told myself I will check them one by one. I craved for some baby back ribs and my feet brought me to Gringo. 

If my judgement is right, their concept is a backyard barbecue party with a mexican vibe. Wood palettes, succulents, and metal, what could go wrong?

I ordered the baby back ribs, half rack, with two side dishes (~P365), Chili Con Carne Fries (~P195) as appetizer, and their best seller Tropical Lemonade.

For my side dish, I got buttered corn and garlic rice, wrong move by the way. Mashed potato could have been a better choice. The fries is delicious, the ground beef is sweet while the oil used is savory. Add the mozarella cheese, ugh, I am speechless. 

Take note of the nacho on the side, the salsa was perfection.

The tropical lemonade (photo not here) was refreshing, it’s your lemonade with calamansi. It’s pulpy for most lemonade I have tried, but yeah, ultimate thirst quencher. 

N tried their spiced chicken, I did not photograph his meal but their quarter chicken was huge. I like the dry rub flavor – smoky and tangy.

My only comment about this restaurant is thei limited space. They are promising and people who love mexican flavored barbecue will surely come back. 

Maybe in other malls, their space could be bigger.

Have you tried eating here? 

Tweedle Book Cafe x Calligraphy Workshop


It’s been months since I am practicing the art of calligraphy. Our drafting course way back in high school lingered and until now my handwriting is ugly. *laughs* It is understandable, but it is not as pretty as I dreamed it to be. When my friend Ferry sent me the link to this workshop. I said yes right away.  I thought I was never going to make it, but I did.


We started doing the basic stroke until we’ve reached the letters. They say practice makes permanent, and though nibs do not like me as of the moment, I’ll exert the much-needed effort to master this craft.

This is going to be expensive though. *laughs*

I am going to hit two birds with this post as the venue of this workshop is adorable. If I will be in Hogwarts, I guess it’s their casual cafe.

I asked the owner of the concept, she said she wanted to serve hearty food for book lovers (Oh that’s me).


There are books at the corner of the place where you can borrow and read while enjoying your butter beer.


Oh yeah, you read it right, BUTTER BEER with a shot of whisky. Actually, Ferry  and I stayed for some planner lovin’ session.

As for the food? HEAVENS.

It’s a modern Filipino cross border cuisine, which we enjoyed a lot. Take note of reasonable pricing too.

Ferry and I will definitely be back for some quiet moment (and whisky).

Tweedle Book Cafe is located at Sct. Gandia, Tomas Morato, Quezon City. It’s a quiet street so watch out for the teal gate so you won’t miss it.

Do you like Calligraphy or concept cafes? Share it with me, please.