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What am I recently reading, my favorite part, and what do I feel about the book :)

‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’: Oh God, let’s talk about that ending (SPOILERS!) (ANALYSIS!) (FUTURE!) (PAST!)

A good read. Loving X-Men. hihihi


Secret of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker


My melatonin knocked me down last night and I was awaken by the heat early this morning.

I feel guilty that whenever I sleep here in my brother’s apartment I come in late for work.

That early call time made me finished another wonderful mind setter book. Of course, what do I do at 4am? Eat? Nah. I am on a reset program as well (more of these on my beauty blog).

Onto to the book.

I first saw this on my sister-in-law, I commented “are you trying to be a millionaire?” She smiled.

When a colleague included this in my books to read, I had a hard time downloading it.

Until the internet offered a miracle.


The book tackles how to change your financial blueprint. The author said that the way we see wealth and money are from what our parents taught us and from what we experienced.

He also emphasized the different thinking of people – rich, middle class, and poor.

He gave seventeen (17) wealth files to help each reader renovate their own blueprint. Each file has actions to take.

I have a millionaire mind.

A declaration at the end of every chapter.

He also stated that the meaning of things are only based on the meanings we give.

That we should control our thoughts and not the other way around.

He also said to replace all non-empowering thoughts to an empowering one.

We shall not be afraid of change and we should be teachable.

In the end, if you are not doing something right or you are not succeeding in what you are doing, then there is something that you do not know. So be open to learn and avoid the ” I know that” attitude.

I wish I can rewrite all the things I have learn but I strongly suggest that you read this book.

There is nothing wrong wanting what you deserve especially if you worked hard for it.

Everyone is worthy to have a good life.

With hopes,


Have a great day!

gonna do my yoga now.

I wish they taught money in High School (2-in-1 Book)

I wish they taught money in high school

I wish they taught money in High School

I am very happy to receive this book for  review. It is very timely as I make my way in developing my financial IQ. I could proudly say that I am good at so many things, but I am not good with my finances and I am playing it safe.

This book has two sections: (1) I wish they taught money in High School so I’m not dependent on my paycheck; (2) I wish they taught money in High School so I can start my business right away.

Let’s talk about  the first section which was written by Ms. Clarissa Seriña De La Paz.

The book first explained basic accounting jargon so it is easier understood by someone like me (a broadcasting major). She briefly explains the right formula to have extra income or passive income (a money earned from sitting pretty).

Most part of the book was from Robert Kiyosaki’s best-selling books. She also explained some myths about money and busted them out.

She also showed samples on how your salary loan could earn. Imagine a yearly renewal of salary loan could earn so much by investing in the right stocks or bonds.

At the end of her section she illustrated navigational tools to help readers start their own journey and become rich.

The second section of the book was written by Ms. Sharon Que.

She then explored the ideas of having a business. It could be something you will own or franchise.

She also illustrated samples of her own real estate business. And then emphasizing in making your goals clear and giving your 100% in each action.

She has hits of investing too, where your money can work for you.

In the end she showed a sample or letter of intent if we wish to start buying foreclosure properties out there.

Overall, I liked the book because of its simplicity, the illustration too is very friendly. It is like I am just talking to a close friend. This book gave easy jump starters, if you want to makeover the financial aspect of your life.

This is also a good reference book of what you can read to enhance your knowledge and interest in investing and business. You may want to read the actual books of Kiyosaki and Maxwell to learn more. You may also join seminars on investment or other ways of passive income.

Most importantly, this book strengthens my belief in knowledge and gratitude. We could all be rich if we will use our minds and God given talents. Extensive research won’t hurt and thus book showed the adventure of two brave women who will run the world.

If they can do it, of course we can too.

I am happy that with this book I can see myself on the right track.

I definitely recommend this book for people out there who are playing it safe. As Mr. Kiyosaki says we all have little chicken inside us, maybe it is time for us to fry it and sell (or eat) it.


Book Information

Price: PHP500 | Where to buy? HERE | Facebook | Instagram

Astro-Portraits, Tattooing, and Spoken Word As Yet Unwritten


Three artists-run initiatives converge in an exhibition called As Yet Unwritten. The project is organized by Art Tempo Manila, founded by artist Juno Parungao. The uniqueness of Parungao’s astrological portraits have endeared many patrons– among which include actor Jeffrey “Epi’ Quizon, multi-awarded writer Lito Casaje, and maestro Fernando B. Sena. Another luminary in the Manila art scene who has his own portrait by Parungao is a musician and Astrological Friends member Heber Bartolome, who inaugurated Parungao’s solo exhibit of astrological portraits in 2011. The artist creates the portrait based on the individual’s circumstances of birth, personal color preferences, and philosophical ruminations. Collaborating with Parungao is Kristian Jeff Agustin, an independent publisher and poet who recently returned from his studies in Westminster, London. Agustin contemplates on how the skies may mean to mortals. For the exhibit, he uses video and performance with the spoken word to give voice to celestial bodies or introspective personas. On the other hand, Jean Pierre “Dyani” Lao proves that tattooing is an art form of skin worthy of recognition. Lao garnered the Gawad Dominador Castaneda Award in year 2000 for his thesis entitled “Ritwal” from the College of Fine Arts at the University of the Philippines Diliman. His intricately rendered tattoos of mythical beings and celestial bodies are the results of his solid research on Filipino indigenous practices. These are then rendered in limited-edition prints and captured in photographs. For guest curator Laya Boquiren, “As Yet Unwritten presents three contemporary artists’ visual articulations of place-based myths and the residual elements of pre-colonial interactions. The artists and I are interested in how these may be juxtaposed with ancient myths that examine the influence of celestial bodies on both people and shifts within the history of humanity.” For the collaborators, the exhibition as a whole underscores how destinies that are as yet unwritten intersects with oral histories and narratives that have been passed on across time and places, as interpreted in images and the spoken word. Hosted by the GSIS Museo ng Sining, the exhibit will be launched on February 20, 2014 at 6:00 pm and will run until March 12 in celebration of the Philippine National Arts Month. For more information, see the exhibitions page through



The Collaborators

About Juno Parungao

Artist Juno Parungao founded JIV Manila many years ago, has had several group and solo shows to her credit, and now spearheads Art Tempo Manila. Each of her astrological portraits reference the influence of celestial bodies on the individual who commissions the piece, making the approach to the art object quite personal and unique. The artist creates the portrait based on the individual’s circumstances of birth, preferences, and philosophy. Her visual repertoire is unusual. Writers would often describe the practice as “esoteric”. But then the artist’s embodied art practice is part of a holistic approach to life. The non-figurative images resist the idea of portraits as realistic, for art is simply measured along degrees of abstraction. The artist paints these images to provoke both feeling and looking as an intellectual activity. Parungao is currently teaching in the Meridian International School and is an accomplished personality development consultant. She is completing her doctorate at the University of the Philippines Diliman.

About Jean Pierre Lao (from the artist’s website 2013)

Jean Pierre Lao is an alumnus of the University of the Philippines College of Fine Arts. He received the “Gawad Dominador Castaneda” for Best Thesis in 2000 entitled “Ritwal”, discussing concepts on myth, mysticism, beliefs and the afterlife. His artworks “Memento”(2001), and “Angkan ni Kabunyan” (2000) were finalists on the annual Philippine Art Awards, exhibited at the Manila Metropolitan Museum. For almost seven years, Lao was a visiting faculty teaching Print-Making at the Philippine High School for the Arts (PHSA) in Mt. Makiling, Laguna. Later on, from 2006 to 2010, he was hired as the Head Tattooist of Tribal Gear HK/Macau. Apart from judging numerous tattoo competitions across the country, Lao was a speaker/ facilitator of “Tattoo Machine Principles” in a seminar for Filipino Tattoo Artist done at the Department Of Health in 2011. He was also a speaker in the annual Neo-Angono Arts festival, for “Ritwal ng Batek:  A Study on Northern Filipino Traditional Tattoo Motifs” in 2011. His first series of Tattoo Flash prints were exhibited in 2010 entitled “Set One”, a two-man show with fellow tattoo artist Oman Daluz, with a genre of Asian mythology and oriental beliefs. “Indelible Ventures” is his first solo exhibition. Jean Pierre is actively producing indelible creations in his own tattoo studio located in Cubao Expo. He prefers to be called Dyani.

 About Kristian Jeff Agustin (from the artist’s website 2013)

Kristian Jeff specializes in visual art, graphic design, multimedia, and film; occasionally writing songs, theatre pieces, and ‘love poetry’. Born in 1984, the Year of the Rat, he is considered a well-rounded ‘Cancerian’ who delves into art and poetry as an effective means of self-expression and learning. He accomplished his Master’s degree in Visual Culture at the University of Westminster, London in 2012, after completing his dissertation on ‘social media interventions in nation-building and subject formation’. In 2006, he obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Art Studies at the University of the Philippines, where he co-founded the Sirkulo ng mga Kabataang Artista (or ‘Circle of Young Artists’) in 2002 and served as its Artistic Director from 2004 to date. Recent collaborations include: his calligraphy work in Fishes of Light / Peces de Luz (2013) by lauded Filipino writer Prof. Marjorie Evasco and award-winning Cuban poet Alex Fleites; his libretto Ageless Passion (2011), a musical with original music by Filipino Maestro Ryan Cayabyab; and his calligraphy, logo design and concept art for Earth.O (2012), a transmedia storytelling launched in London by Malaysian writers Yen Ooi and Ari Abraham. He is a member of The Poetry Society, a UK charity institution.

About the Curator

Laya Boquiren is currently with one of the pioneering art galleries in Manila, Philippines that was established in the early 1980s. However, she does not hesitate to offer her expertise to artists who are not attached to commercial galleries. She has been doing this pro-bono since 2006. She is an active art educator with research interests in visual culture and ecology. She holds a Masters degree in Art History. A recipient of a grant from Goldman Sachs, she has received training in the Media Innovators Program of Keio University, Japan as well as a short-focused program in the Institute for Media and Entertainment in New York. She is currently finishing her doctorate in the University of the Philippines Diliman.




2013 books I finished and lined up for review

I promised last December 2012 that I will read as much books as possible and I am happy that I was able to read a lot. I read a lot of novels to kill time and I also read self-help books for my continuous learning. Here the books I read last year (in random order)

  1. The Best of Me – Nicholas Sparks
  2. Safe Haven – Nicholas Sparks
  3. A Bend in the Road – Nicholas Sparks
  4. The Choice – Nicholas Sparks
  5. Fifty Shades Trilogy (3)
  6. Crossfire series (3)
  7. Gabriel’s Inferno (3)
  8. Beautiful Creatures (4)
  9. The Carrie Diaries
  10. Summer and the City
  11. Rush – Maya Banks
  12. Fever – Maya Banks
  13. Burn – Maya Banks
  14. Shatter Me – Tahereth Mafi
  15. Unravel Me – Tahereth Mafi
  16. Destroy Me – Tahereth Mafi
  17. The Fault in our stars – John Green
  18. Aleph – Paulo Coehlo
  19. Veronika Decides to Die – Paulo Coehlo
  20. By the River Piedra, I sat Down and wept – Paulo Coehlo

That’s 29 books!!! I feel so accomplished.

I am currently reading/finishing:

  1. The Devil and Miss Prym – Paulo Coehlo
  2. The Longest Ride – Nicholas Sparks
  3. The Secret – Rhonda Byne

Once a habit always a habit. And because of these I made a new shelf for my babies and I want to write a novel too by joining NaNoWirmo perhaps?

Any suggestions for 2014?

What are the books you read?