My July in spreads

Hello, August!  Inside my head the people there is pancking because wedding preps is around 60% I guess. What can I do? I might just roll my eyes and laugh.  What happened in July? I ate, watched movies, and worked. I am slowly disconnecting myself from people I know who will not do good in … Continue reading My July in spreads


Weekend Roundabout | Estancia Mall

I worked in Ortigas for seven years and yet I have not gotten the chance to visit Estancia Mall. Luckily (if I am really lucky, huh?) we participated in a weekend bazaar there. The bazaar is something you want to look forward too if, you want to get one of the kind items. I also … Continue reading Weekend Roundabout | Estancia Mall

Week 21 & 22: BDJ Planner

I've been using a planner since 2009 but I really suck at it. I mean my handwriting was not developed to be as neat as I want to be because I am lazy. I write like a doctor when I am in a hurry (sorry doc, we refer to your handwriting). After using all my … Continue reading Week 21 & 22: BDJ Planner

Our Pre-Cana Seminar

Last Labor Day, 1 May, we attended the pre-Cana Seminar as a requirement for our upcoming wedding in September. I have no idea what it is about, but we have to attend. Most of the time the pre-Cana seminars should be attended several months before the wedding, its purpose is to check the traffic lights … Continue reading Our Pre-Cana Seminar