Breakfast for Snack: Mini Pancakes by Caravan Black

Caravan Black_BGC_Pancake
Photo by: Shaii Dela Cruz (iPhone 6s)

If you follow my Instagram or this blog, you will know how much I love breakfast. When I had a quick meeting at Caravan Black, we ordered these two sets of mini pancakes — Salted Caramel Dip and Nutella Banana.

Its bite sized goodness makes you want to munch for more. I like the salted caramel more, but the one with Banana seems to be healthy-ish so we ate them all. I end up licking the salted caramel sauce up to the last drop.

Should you want to try their coffee, I recommend the Localmotion to get that caffeine fix going. You may also try their Salted Caramel cookies cause it so good.

This is such a short post and shout out to my friend Shaii; thank you for taking my food photos lately.

Caravan Black is located in G/F Net Park Building, 5th Avenue, BGC


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