Uptown Cinema Experience

Work is crazy as usual. As the meme would say it “Akala ko magaling na ako… Marunong lang pala” (I thought I am good but I just know how to do it). There is always a room for improvement. I would not regret every second of my work day as it leads to something greater. New lessons every sunrise. With a mantra from my grand mom “for greater glory of God”, I know things would better.

Anyway, I finally tried Uptown Mall Cinema (VIP) in BGC. We tried booking on the spot for XMEN apocalypse before, but unfortunately, you need to reserve ahead of time. This time for the Secret Life of Pets, we experienced the luxurious free flowing popcorn and drinks (insert lazy boy too). I loved the experience, I would watch all blockbuster movies there from now on. It is super near the office too. 

Here are some photos:

The price is PHP500, if you will book online there is a convenience fee of PHP20. Three different popcorn flavors to choose from – cheese, barbecye, sour crewm. You can change your flavor every refill, same goes with your drinks (Coca-Cola products). There is a button which you can press to call the attention of the movie house attendant if you need anything.

The chairs are positioned by two’s; ample distance to have privacy. Not suitable for odd numbers though, because the third wheel will be left out. 

I recommend watching your much anticipated movie here. It is worth the price.

I only had one 500 ml soda and one refill of popcorn.

Have you tried watching a movie here? You should. 


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