My July in spreads

Hello, August! 

Inside my head the people there is pancking because wedding preps is around 60% I guess. What can I do? I might just roll my eyes and laugh. 

What happened in July? I ate, watched movies, and worked. I am slowly disconnecting myself from people I know who will not do good in my life. 

Anyway, here’s an overview of my July.

Week 28: Work + Bills + Wedding

As much as I want to write for DISHY, I wonder why I can’t.

Week 29: Movies + Weddings + Overtimes

At least, I was able to update. 

Week 30: Bills + Empty Planner

Became so busy with events, I badly needed a sleep here. 

Week 31: BUJO

This was a late spread which is why it is cleaned. I was caught up with things, as usual and placed all my thoughts in my head. 

I feel that slowly my life is changing and even though I ran on a hamster wheel now. I can figure it out. 

Bonus: I bonded my family today. 7/31/16. I never felt so alive. 

54 days.


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