Mr. Pizza, SM The Block

I feel like writing tonight while I watch London has fallen. I have this feeling of guilt looking at my media library full of images waiting to be shared.

If you are from the north, you will notice that SM The Block had a renovation and although one of my restaurant bid goodbye, Chef;s Noodles, more restaurant choices came to life. One of which is Mr. Pizza.


It’s a Korean Pizza Parlor with daily promos you cannot resist. We happened to avail the buy one get one promo and we ordered their best seller – Beef Bulgogi.


Taste wise, yes, the Bulgogi toppings brought joy to my palette, it is like east meets west kind of fusion.

For the get one promo, we availed the Spicy Pork which, unfortunately, not for me. It is just a subtle hotness for the pork, but it didn’t go well with the crust.  Well, that is only me, spicy lovers might appreciate it more.


What I like the most about this place is the radio booth inspired kitchen. You will see the Korean Chef’s hand tossing your dough upon ordering. You can actually watch their mini show.


Another interesting item they have is the menu. It’s like a pizza, creative indeed. As for the pricing, I believe when we tried it, it costs around P375 for the large pizza, but now I heard they have increased a little bit. Better see the promo and pricing first before dining in but with the size and taste, it is worth giving it  a try.

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For pizza slash Korean lovers out there, give Mr. Pizza a shot.

Have you tried this?



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