Week 21 & 22: BDJ Planner

I’ve been using a planner since 2009 but I really suck at it. I mean my handwriting was not developed to be as neat as I want to be because I am lazy. I write like a doctor when I am in a hurry (sorry doc, we refer to your handwriting). After using all my college planners and some generic ones, I decided to get the BDJ Power Planner. The design is cute and it’s functional.

After four years, I am still using it. This year I even bought the ‘Everything is possible’ for work related planning. Some spreads were left empty and ugly, until I use Pinterest for inspiration. My friend Ferry introduced me to journaling, I see it as a scrapbook made in your planner.

Months had passed, mine is still ugly. So she borrowed my week 21 spread and designed it.


If you will visit her blog you will see her beautiful themed spreads and man she invested in design tools which I borrow whenever we meet.

Now for my week 22, I tried doing my own spread using some stickers she gave me. 5/22/16

What do you think? Someone has to start somewhere right?

Planning // Journaling // Crafts // whatever you call it is a therapy for workaholic ladies like me.

Do you plan also? Where do you get your tools? Who are your inspiration? Please let me know below and join this journey with me.




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