Soon to be Mrs. A

Things are crazy with work and side jobs. Now that the event is near, I have to set my priorities, which should come first. Of course the day job prevails, that’s the main source of income isn’t it?

Let us not talk about my work. lol

My friends know that I’ve been in my first longest relationship. After graduating college, there is a buzz about our marriage.

Well, to break the ice, we’ve been talking about it since 2011, but we procastinated for six years. All the while we thought we are ready, emotionally and financially, but none of us made the first step in making it happen.

I must admit, even though I am a wedding planner, I hated the thought of organizing it as if I am forceful for us to get married.

There will always be bumps in the road. We made wrong financial decisions, we lose our control over temporary things, it’s like we are having the time of our lives.

Questions about getting through it arises. Would we still be together? 

The church we chose seem to have a magical power. Her mom loves the church so much. When I entered, one Sunday mass, I felt shivers, almost teary eyed. 

In 2015, it was Manila Day. I scrapped the idea of raising funds for the wedding, it’s never gonna happen. The funds were either eaten or worn. We went to our chosen church, reserved it.

After that, the creep about being the only excited person came back. I entertained more side jobs, lost myself into work, paid the bills. 

Still nothing is happening. 

It was also 2015 when I stayed more in his place than mine.

His parents was gracious to build a room for him/us, finally. A silly neighbor commented about us living together. When I finally moved in, his mom proposed to plan a civil wedding.

We spilled the beans. 

Since our situation now is like a common law marriage, we have to honor the holy sacrament of matrimony no matter what. 

After both our parents knew about it. Everything began falling into place. The plan is coming together, funds signify sources, and the checklist moved drastically.

Now that it is six months to go, he surprised me with a ring. I said it is not required, but being a hard headed as he is, he has his ways. 

No fuss. No drama.

We are getting married on our 10th year anniversary. 

I guess for couples out there who are waiting for a sign, you won’t see anything. You should ask guidance from God, give it all to him, and work hard from your end.

The person you are with now is a product of your choice and care. They stayed because you made them to. 

Everyday is a challenge if you want to grow together or fall apart. Love will stay as long as you feed it with trust, patience, understanding, and service.

I tell you I am not perfect, we are not perfect, but we chose to embrace that imperfections and nourish it with love, every single day.

Nasa kamay mo ang forever! (Forever is in your hands)


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