I must be delusional. I’ve been inhaling salbutamol for the past two days with paracetamol and ibuprofen in between. 

This morning, I dreamt of a baby girl in a pink onesies, calmly nibbling my breast for her milk. In my dream, I was talking to my mom, I asked her when did I gave birth as I don’t remember anything. She said last night, I was sleeping when my waterbag popped and they sent me to the hospital.

I stare blankly and think why can’t I remember anything.

The baby has no name yet, she looks like my niece Hailey so I thought of Hilary — Duff Sisters! 

Hilary was looking at me smiling while she stand by the window near the bed. 

I know it wasn’t real, how come a newborn do that.

I woke up and tried to analyze. They say that a baby is a sign of new beginnings. I hope that is true.

I wrote so I can remember. 


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