February Roundabout 

After I made my editorial calendar for both dishysammy and r&r, my work take its toll and yeah, I am busy. I feel my 24 hours is not enough. 

As starter, my best friend gave birth and I am keeping her (Facebook) company to be sane.

I went to Cebu last 8 February, business related. No sleep at all, my flight was at 6:50 am.

 philippine airline 
For the record, I revived my Mabuhay Miles membership, traveling is something you can reward yourself. 

Cebu is a familiar place. 

Next stop, Valentine’s Day, 14 February. We celebrated by watching Deadpool in Fishermall and a massage by a visually impaired masseuse. 

I appreciate businesses who give chance to our PWD to work. 

Mocha to seize the night. 

I received an email from Linkedin about their company, Lynda.com, it’s a library of online courses proudly used by Adobe, Microsoft, and NBC to name a few. 

As of this writing, I finished three courses. Thankfully I can study at my own pace.  

Another cloud photo. I actually collect them whenever I travel by plane. I went to Davao this time, same scenario, I was at the aurport by 3:00 am. 

I feel my February is full of caffeine shots, without it I’ll be a zombie. 

Lastly, I went home to Laguna. I feel guilty because I do not communicate with my family as often as I should. We aged, my parents did. My dog had a hard time recognizing me. 

Laguna is my escape when the metro tends to be a bad ass boss to me. 

Today is the 29th of February, it only happens every four years, make the most out of it, a quote told me. 

As I walk home to my current crib, I realize life is what we make it. Do something today that your future self will thank you for. 

Take that leap of faith. 


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