Blood Donor

2o hours ago. 

Starting my day early and telling a story before my actually day starts might be a good exercise for me.

Yesterday, I donated 450 ml of blood to N’s grandmother. She was in the hospital since Sunday, no clear findings came to me, but I heard she was suffering from stomach/intestine bleeding which caused her RBC count to go down. She had two bags of blood already and in order to get one more bag, they need to donate. Being over 50 kg and type O, I volunteered.

It’s my second time to donate. The first one was during a blood drive project of the Red Cross way back in college.

It was funny how I was dressed up meeting ready (we had a roadshow scheduled in the afternoon that day), and the guard asked me if I was a medical representative. I said “No, I am donating blood…”

The blood bank was still closed when we arrived. Right after it opened, the nurse approached me for an interview. Of course, I’ll pass (even in Hepa B testing). She asked to sit a reclining chair and the procedure begun.



Being the “brave” girl, I claim myself to be. I took pictures and quietly listen to my blood being gulped by the bag. I was asked if I am dizzy or anything. I said I am fine. After 15 minutes or so, she then removed the needle, and asked me to pressure on my forearm (if that is part of the forearm).

I closed eyes. I told myself “I hope nanay will be better with my blood, my blood is nutritious I eat a lot”. Kidding aside, my heart pumped like I was doing burpees, I became more dizzy and suddenly threw up.

Yes, this is the disgusting part of my story. I was asked not to fall asleep because I might not wakeup anymore.


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