New Year, New Hobby

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My best friend Ferry returned to WordPress, she ignited my blogging fire. Although, Ramble & Relish served as my online journal for the past six years. I feel like curating more relevant content aside from my rants.

As my journey to positivity continues, Ferry & I started a new hobby. Well, we’ve been doing this for years, but we are at the point of frustration wanting to improve towards the year.

This year, I got two planners – Belle de Jour Power Planner & Everything is Possible. Both have their own appeal and functionality. I will be using BDJ for my girly stuff (and wedding preps) while Everything is possible for my career. However, I have four other notebooks in between and it’s making me crazy.


Since 2005 my planner is all about bullet points, I added sticky notes and some cupcake doodles for birthday. Nonetheless, there are empty weeks, which I filled with quotes and own thoughts.


Ferry taught me to scribble entry as creative I can be. I know it’s nothing like my sister’s doodles nor others, but at least it’s readable. Besides, practice makes perfect, right?


I feel like I own dozens of colored pens now, and goodness, Washi tapes. Ferry and my sister are bad influences. The ratio of me buying makeup versus stationery is 1:1.


Do you ever get this happy feeling whenever you acquire new stuff whether a lipstick or a highlighter? I get them all the time.

Hopefully, I will manage to have an illustrated planner/journal at the end of the year.

Who’s with me?


5 thoughts on “New Year, New Hobby

  1. stop blaming me! ROFL!!! we both know crafting / journaling is something we are good at. Are strongest ally is words and creativity such as writing gloriously *cough calligraphy* and doodling is something we need conquer too! I am with you!!!!


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