I went home to Laguna yesterday to see my parents, my dad told me why did I go home when all I will do is sleep. I guess he just wants to spend more time with me. If you are caught up with work, you tend to take people for granted, and I am sad that ever since I became addicted with my profession (and moved out), I rarely spoke to them. I wanted my 2016 to be closer with my family. This separation anxiety is crippling me to move forward, but I know there is a solution for this.

Today, I went to work early, I wrote down the task and delegated it. I pray that we will able to finish tasks on time. It’s hard to manage people (sometimes) if they are older than you or you are friends with them. They still treat you like their child and they don’t believe in your insights. I always look forward to a day that we will all unite to make the world a better a place, well at least the cable TV industry.


Surprisingly, I am still hyper because my new workspace is motivating. I purchased wood stamps for my planner, stickers, colored pens (felt and gel), I also have this magnetic memo board with inspirational magnets and the framed quote that makes this writing easier.


Earlier today also, I met with Kaye, she is the Lady Boss behind Macho Mucho (barber shop) in General Santos City (with her brother), and I was really inspired, imagine at 26 she is driving her life towards the destination she wants to reach.

We kind of share the same advocacy when it comes to women empowerment. Our gender equality stand is on point (lol). If men will argue, I feel really sad for sexist guy, who thinks women should be at home doing chores. (This should be a different post)

She won in Go Negosyo and her vision of Entrepreneurship is amazing. For everyone, we all just have to start somewhere. Of course, expertise is needed in businesses, but innovations create jobs for people who wants to boost their career too. The ecosystem of the economy, if my analogy is right.

Our two hours are short to exchange ideas about business and management. I am in pure bliss knowing that women today are smarter (and loves to read books, too). Maybe we should spread out the word.

Talking about taking the career into the next level, the host of this weekend’s wedding, which I coordinated, was encouraging us to do what I (we) love to do full time. Hopefully, this third quarter of 2016 I will be able to do that *crossing fingers*

It’s past my bedtime again, a new day tomorrow is beyond blessing any human being can receive.

Sending my good vibes in the virtual universe.

Keep reaching your dreams. You can do it.

xx, S.



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