Oh hey, 2016! 

  A week had past after the new year. There are so much going on in my life. Before, I used to be obsessed with the astrology forecast, but since the office observe fiscal year, I am still stuck in 2015.

My December was busy. I have events left and right. The new business, Casa de Figueroa, did well. I also had a semi-full wedding coordination.

I literally have no time to update both RnR and DS blogs. Ever since I deleted my WP on my phone I thought blogging on my iPad would make me more productive. I realized, it’s not true. I reinstalled it and voila, I can blog again.

2016 is also a fresh start, I have moved in with my partner, in their family house. Yes, I got a lot of side comments as it does not look good for some and in-laws can be monsters. I know those facts, but not that I do not care at all; It’s just I believe in some things, let’s say weird.

So what did I learn in 2015 that I want to continue practicing this year?

  1. Let go. There will be anger, sadness, misunderstandings, heartache, lost, and other stuff that you will question why you still exist. The truth is, it is all in your mind. It’s you who choose to feel that way. This is hard for me as I suppress sad emotions inside me, for the record, I still cannot complete a guest list because I am not sure whether I should reach out. So, this year I’ll do my best to let go. Let bygones, be bygones. 
  2. Patience, more patience. In the course of my job, I met people who have tested my patience. They find it hard to learn new stuff, personal things get in the way, plus attitude problem, etc. The book I read told me that character can’t be changed, if it’s about work stick to work standard and never question the attitude. Don’t be mad at them as they are not like you. Exercise patience and still, give them ample time to learn.
  3. Reach out. If people important to you do not speak to you anymore, make time, exert effort to reach as they might be waiting for you to make the first step. Forget about your pride. Say sorry, I love you, I miss you, thank you and mean it.
  4. Be kind. Even people do/say something bad (about) you treat them kindly. You may be the only person who is nice to them. Besides, the bad things they do is a reflection of themselves. Kill them with your kindness.
  5. Keep learning. Learning doesn’t end in school. Read books, attend seminars, interact with people who has the same interest as you. Find a mentor. They will help you grow. I enjoy different Dummies and Maxwell books, I even take notes and apply them in real life. They are helpful.
  6. Have a hobby/outlet/past time. I would like to apply this in relationships as some girls (women) tend to revolve their world to their man (or be obsessed with things). I don’t see anything wrong, but it could be too much. What if he is out? What are you going to do? Do I make sense? I am practicing to improve my handwriting and I bake. I also consider this as “me time” which I strongly believe is important. Give the other person a space to breathe to, I want to practice this as I now live with him. If I become too clingy, things might get crazy. lol
  7. Be Grateful. Every gising (waking up) is a blessing as they say. Be thankful that you were able to open your eyes into a new sunshine. I believe in the saying “what you focus on grows” so if you are grateful with your blessings, you share them, it’ll grow. Do not forget to thank the Lord for giving you an extra day to be closer to your dreams. Do not waste it.
  8. Share more. I am a frustrated teacher. It’s really in me, I love teaching new things, whether to my niece on how to read, or how to use photoshop to my colleagues. The more I share, the more I learn. It’s like emptying your pitcher and pouring it into different glasses, then refill. I am happy whenever I have taught someone and he/she actually applies it. I want to do it more.
  9. Be financially smart. 2014 and 2015 are bad years for my finances, I earned as much as I spend. And I have invested in things that I didn’t get a return but it’s just money, I can earn it back, but it’s not right just to work your ass off and throw it away. This year, I plan to get insurance, invest in stocks, be more active in my Truly Rich Club (by Bro. Bo Sanchez) and save for my family. Have enough capital to roll out the two businesses I have in mind.
  10. And lastly, Be consistent. We will all start new things every new year, that is how we are. It only takes 21 days to convert them into a routine. Whether you want to be more organized, want to be a morning person, want to be nicer to people, exercise and eat healthy. I’ll say COMMIT. Definitely, it’ll be rewarding.

I wrote about these learnings as if I am giving advice to people who will read this, but I am actually talking to myself too. I hope I can live with the things I started last year. I pray to have the strength and determination to pursue my career & life goals this year.  Whatever it is that we all aspire to achieve in the coming months, let us all claim it to be ours.

Ending this post gives me shiver as the excitement of the next phase of my life is a day closer. I’ll share details too, soon.

Sharing good vibes to the world, the universe, rather.

xx, S.


4 thoughts on “Oh hey, 2016! 

  1. that’s a long realization for a year! LOL! I think you forgot to realize to write more often to this blog..coz im here na (again) hahaha!

    so one of the questions is, what is your new (?) hobby now?


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