My two weeks Uber experience

I’ve been going out for meeting this past few weeks and in the metro I have stereotyped cab drivers to be rude (forgive me, but they really are) so decided to re-install uber on my phone.

At first, I was hesitant because since you are paying via credit card, once neglected you will have excessive transportation charges (yes, spoil yourself). 

I once tried Uber in Hong Kong, I was impressed with car who took us to the airport. And then here in Manila I was hooked.

Here are the few things I love about Uber:

  1. The App is fast. In an instant you will see available cars around you.
  2. The map is accurate. If you cannot see the exact establishment you can drop a pin and locate yourself.
  3. The driver cannot choose because they cannot see your location until they have picked you up.
  4. The app is integrated with Waze (an app that can detect traffic situation).
  5. No overhead charges.
  6. Most of the cars are brand new and the drivers are actual owners.
  7. You feel secure. (I even slept one ride).
  8. You get to enjoy interesting stories from the drivers.
  9. Some cars have complimentary magazine too.
  10. You feel like a princess being taken to a destination using a nice car.
  11. They have receipts. 
  12. You can rate the drivers, too.

I never thought I could enjoy a little luxury from this service. Kudos to the founder! I am in awe. 


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