Weekend Roundabout: Puppies and a blue bee

My phone is giving me a hardtime because of its memory. If I don’t upload posts immediately they’ll be in the cloud. 

Weekend Roundabout is mainstay section here, and for this particular weekend, I felt enchanted. 

I went home to Laguna after a month, my mid June and July have been hectic because of work transistion and weddings. Being in our family house, in the middle of unspoiled tall grasses, I found serenity. 

I breathed fresh air, heard the birds chirping, kissed our dogs, cooked a meal, and other countless domesticated things. 

Sunday morning, I smelled Kamuning I flowering plant similar to Sampaguita. It smells amazing. To my surprise, there were butterflies, dragon flies, moths, and bees. 

I feel blessed being co existed with these nature wonders. While watching them, I imagined where they will bring the honey and spread the pollens.    

 According to my dad, these butterflies were the caterpillars whom have stayed in the Gumamela tree months ago. They have blossomed into an apple green butterflies.
As for the blue bee, it’s rare.

I spent the rest of the afternoon with the dogs, brought Alex for grooming, washed the car, trimmed the plants, and then cooked for the family.

I felt more tired but contented.

Our new puppies were awesome too.  

Our aspin, gave birth to four lovely puppies. We named them Sugar, Star, Dexter, and Leo. We should not be attached cause they plan to give it away, but hey, they’re great addition to our security.

Upon leaving by dawn, I felt brand new. I realized that we should always seek for good in all things. Don’t let any small negative stuff affect our day, they’re just small stuff anyway.

Time to face this week’s grind.

Have a great week! 


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