Getting Back on Track

I feel like I am inside the hunger games’s arena cause I am fighting to survive. Not that life is hard on me now but I am in the midst of catching the change train. I can’t keep up.

Last Friday, I started to eat healthy lunches. For five consecutive days I maintained eating light throughout the day. Of course I won’t deny, I do eat heavenly with the boyfriend for our quality time together. 

Also, my colleagues and I started a physical activity in the office. We started working out every 5pm using WOD found in Pinterest.

Having tried Crossfit myself, I was able to guide them with proper stance and execution. We are all aching and we walk as if our bones gonna break.

I am proud how strong I am until now. Although aesthetically, when you look at me I am a balloon, blown up max.

With this two day rest, I wish I will recover so we can get going.

I salute the determination of my new workout buddies. I am inspired to do more because of them. I am motivated to be the best version of myself.

Maybe our APE was the wake up call for us to change our 8-hour desk lifestyle.

With discipline, I believe we can all workout at home.

Burpees is still the killer of them all. LOL  
On the other hand, I also availed the 5-day Muay Thai Classes at Elorde through Groupon.

I never felt so alive.  


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