Stargazing the modern way

Ever since I was a kid I am fond of astronomy. I would read books about the galaxy, the big bang theory, and other things found outside the earth. 

Every time there is an announcement of meteor showers I would stay up late and bear the stiff neck.

Among the outer space things that I love are stars, constellations to be exact. I like connecting the stars into different patters and pretend I am in a planetarium.

I assumed that there is a smartphone app that would let me do stargazing and I was right. It is the Skyview Explore the Universe by Terminal Eleven. 

You will just aim your phone’s camera to the sky and it will reveal the magical elements we cannot see every night.

Amazing huh? Here are some screenshots.  


There is an option of real camera view, night mode, and simulation of the universe. You will also see the horizon and each stars, planet, and constellations have description. It’s like you are learning and enjoying at the same time. 

Who loves astronomy?


Your comments will make my day!

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