Some snapshots from #PCTACONVENTION2015

I’ve been organizing this event for quite sometime and every year is a brand new experience. This year’s edition is the most challenging for me as I was undergoing transition while juggling other tasks in between. 

I know there were mishaps in between days but it was all worth it. I am excited to get the photos from my official photographer.


It’s my first time to deploy two-way radio and I was black widow. In all fairness this is so useful for the event.


Also, it is my first time to wear shorts for ingress. LOL


First day is always packing of kits, any conference organizers know this.


Haven’t ate properly and my sweet bf never fails to amaze me by sending me a burger.


 Second day – I missed the new highlight of our show so my staff brought me some Jap goodness.


 Opening – I would not say that this is an epic fail but it was entertaining.


 And then at night my friends from Solar asked me to sing and they awarded me the as the star of the night. I sung “Stay” by Lisa Loeb. 


 And for Fellowship Night, my legs got all tired at the backstage. 

The show was worth it.

I was lucky to have a reliable EA. 


And though I am not a fan of celebrities, Jason Dy got my attention. 


And for my last night, I screamed at the top of my lungs to release all the stress I had from the crazy week. 

Amazing experience!  


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