Family Affair at Casa De Figueroa

I would say that my family is extremely introvert. We do not attend any gatherings, we don’t befriend our neighbors.

Now that my siblings and I are grown up we were exposed and became amiable.

My grandma went home from Virginia so she gathered her relatives, her niece (my mom) for this intimate affair. Her family own a resort in Guiguinto, Bulacan.

The place is newly renovated with new bathrooms, swimming pool, and flooring. My grandparents said that this place is open for rental. So if you are looking for a spacious and private area this is great for you.

They accept birthdays, weddings, debuts, and other functions.

Since my aunt is a chef, she catered us with sumptuous meals.


I am happy that I get to know my extended family.



 Should you have event requirements in Bulacan feel free to message me.  


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