Dry Rubbed Chicken Breast in Red Wine Reduction Sauce

The time of the year when we are reminded with the spirit of love – Valentine’s and here in the Philippines you will see flowers, chocolates, and teddy bears. I have a feeling that I scared away the heart’s day vibe by uttering unsolicited opinions how overrated the day is. Still, I am still the girl at heart who will appreciate little romance.

To change the mood, I decided to cook something. It’s like every occasion I cook, this time I prepared a creamy tuna Carbonara with flavorful meat on the side.

chicken breast recipeI call this Dry Rubbed Chicken Breast in Red Wine Reduction Sauce. For me chicken breasts are flexible to work with as it has clean flavor and you can easily build up the taste.

What I did was, I prepared the dry rub.

  • BBQ Powder
  • Cayenne Powder
  • Garlic Powder
  • Ground Black Pepper
  • Salt

Drizzling the clean chicken with Olive oil, I pressed the powder mixture carefully. Afterwards, seared it in a non-stick pan. Depending on the thickness of the chicken breast wait until cooked.

For the sauce, I added the following into my pan.

  • Water
  • Red Wine (Half Cup)
  • Ketchup
  • Honey

Wait until it thickens, return the chicken, have it reduced a little more…

AND you are good to go. The spices left in the pan from the chicken added extra kick in the sauce.

I know the photo doesn’t look inviting but I tell you it’s worth the try. I guess my palette has its own instinct for a good food.

I hope I can learn enticing plating in the future. *laughs*

Happy Sunday loves!



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