Thank you for the 2014 roller coaster

I am trying to recall my last year happenings but my memory is getting pretty dull now. One thing for sure I had more sleepless night than I did during my thesis nights.

I felt that 2014 gave me slower progress because I never put my heart in all my plans. I was looking at my dream board I only accomplished 1-2 things there. I am still thinking whether to make another one.

2014 made me stronger, it taught me how to cry without having tears. To stand on my feet. To give way. To be assertive. To be honest. To focus my energy to one thing. To expect less.

2014 is the year to make mistakes, I turned 25… I assumed the quarter life crisis is over by now.

I want my 2015 to be fearless and to be true.

My 2015 will be my transition year.

I won’t read predictions as we make our own fate.

I thank everyone for being part of my life. I lost some important people and I decided not to chase after them. I may now be surrounded by few people but they are the reliable one.

Lastly, I thank God for another 365 days to live. Without his mighty guidance I may not be typing this. Faith gave me strength.

For everyone else, let us beat our 2014 and make this year better. I pray for your peace, happiness, good health, and forgiveness. May your days be brighter and I hope you won’t stop fighting.




2 thoughts on “Thank you for the 2014 roller coaster

  1. happy new year Sam, I know this is not the appropriate page to ask you regarding angels burger franchising details, pero tanong ko na rin po… Kung alam nyo po details nila paki share naman po sa or 09228992807… Thanks in advance…


    1. Hi po, I still do not have their details po e. I am just a satisfied customer. 🙂 I will let you know po or Sir Mike on the other post have details po.


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