7 Reasons To Choose The Gentleman Over The Bad Boy

James Michael Sama

Women are notorious for liking “bad boy” types and often times, snubbing the good guy. While the difference between a good guy and one who is so nice he could be considered a doormat, is an important one to define – the man who prides himself on his character and integrity should be acknowledged as a viable option for a romantic partner.

Here are seven reasons why.



He will always support you.

A man who is truly a gentleman will always stand behind you, support you, and encourage you. Sure, there are some “bad boys” who will provide you with the same support, but by nature a gentleman will be more likely to express his emotions as well as to relate with yours. This quality will allow him to be more empathetic than his counterparts and have a higher comfort level when discussions complex issues.


He will make you feel loved and…

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