T.G.I.Friday’s Turns 20: The Online Party Starts on December 11

20 things i love TGIF

The best thing about T.G.I.Friday’s Philippines’ 20th Anniversary is that it’s so big, everybody is invited. Starting as your favorite go-to restaurant for after-office hang out and reunions, it has now evolved as your family-friendly, craving-solver restaurant. As a big thanks to all the love and support for the last 20 years, T.G.I.Friday’s is giving away 200 of your favorite Jack Daniel’s burger. In turn, they just ask you to tell them the 20 things you love about T.G.I.Friday’s and the first ten people gets to win!

So let me tell my 20 things, why I love TGI Fridays

1. TGI Fridays brings back memories. (We celebrated our 4th year anniversary in TGI Fridays Trinoma)

TGIF_Sam Anniv 2 TGIF_Sam Anniv

2. The crews are accommodating. They let me reserved the dinner and deliver my love letter. hihi

3.The food is awesome! Do I need to say more?

4. A perfect place for celebration. Whether an anniversary, birthday, or just a pig out night, TGI Fridays is the best place to go.

5. The ambience is cozy.

6. Oh, they have mojitos. My favorite cocktail.

7. The in-house music is very entertaining.

8. Lots and lots of promos, discounts, and other exciting treats.

9. Affordable price and big serving.

10. Baby back ribs! Baby back ribs.

11. Classic Pork Adobo. I don’t know what is the real menu name of the dish, but the pork is so tender and they served it with an adobo sauce.

12. The salads are fresh. The dressings are amazing.

13. Trick or Treat during Halloween.


15. FRIES!

16. One techie establishment – hashtag, repost, Facebook Page, Website

17. They reach out to their customers.

18. They addressed you by your name.

19. They have a bar ^_^

20. They celebrate their anniversary with a bang!

How about you? What are the 20 things you love about TGI Fridays? 

Post them below as a comment the first eleven (11) commenters will be chosen on my blog and will get to dine one (1) Jack Daniel Burger. 

This contest will run from today until tomorrow, December 11, 11:59 PM. 

Winners will be announced on December 15. 

Like T.G.I.Friday’s on Facebook as they spearhead this party today! Let’s kick-start this awesome online party with a bang! See you online!


A Disclaimer: The mechanics were changed from nine (9) winners to eleven (11) winners. 


20 thoughts on “T.G.I.Friday’s Turns 20: The Online Party Starts on December 11”

  1. This is my favorite restaurant!

    1. I had my ojt here 🙂
    2. This is were I celebrated my grade school graduation.
    3. I Love their jack daniels sauce 🙂
    4. They have super gwapong bartenders!
    5. I love the vibe here.
    6. I love their oriental salad 🙂
    7. And also their mac n chiz appetizer
    8. Their prices are good 🙂
    9. They have accomodating waiters and spg.
    10. Their customes are really awesome specially the superheroes.
    11. We had our mini reunion here with my ex officemates.
    12. I had a lot of memories in TGIF atc.
    13. They have superb customer service.
    14. They’ll sing for you if its your birthday.
    15. They can sing for you if you want to ask your gf to be his husband.
    16. They have high standard in cleanliness.
    17. I once spill my ice tea and they give me another full glass.
    18. They are all well trained in serving.
    19. Celebrating with us on their anniversarvy is so exciting.
    20. It always feels like friday when you dine here 🙂



  2. 1 the memorabilias from movies to music
    2 laid back atmosphere
    3 good service
    4 same taste and quality of food everytime we visit
    5 old diner vibe!
    6 big servings, good for sharing
    7 perfect crunchy nachos everytime
    8 Mud Pie to die for!
    9 as american as you can get.
    10 Bottomless Mojito
    11 Allergy alert on the menu… Very considerate for the picky eater.
    12 COMBOs’ when you want the best of both worlds
    13 Three-For-All sampler platter
    14 bottomless lemonade.. Refreshing!
    15 salad is always fresh and crunchy
    16 jaw-locking yummy burgers!
    17 food is served picture perfect! Instagram yumyum!
    18 Steak! ’nuff said.
    19 great background for selfies and photo ops. Hehe
    20 tagline: In here it’s always Friday!! Yippeee!

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  3. 20 Things Iove About TGIFriday’s Philippines

    1. FOOD
    2. PLACE
    4. STAFF
    5. MUSIC
    10. FLAVORS
    17. AWESOME


  4. 1) Mojito
    2) Excellent Customer Service Experience
    3) Discounts and Perks
    4) Comfortable seats
    5) Me and my friends always enjoy our TGI Fridays experience
    7) Perfect hangout for my barkada
    8) Fried Mozarella
    9) Pasta!
    10)The branch in greenbelt 3 is awesome. We can smoke outside
    11) The crew is awesome
    12) Happy ambiance
    13) Fridays three for all, perfect for starters
    14) Fried Mac n Cheese, my favorite
    15) Crews are very accommodating
    16) Dine like the American way
    17) We can’t get over with the buffalo wings!
    18) Beef Fajita
    19) Distant friends all come together here.
    20) Perfect place to celebrate years of friendship


  5. It has been a while but TGIFriday’s will always be one on the top of my list! 🙂

    1. Awesome burgers!! 😉
    2. Mojitos on the Wednesday? Hell yeah! Weekday, any day.
    3. Great customer service.
    4. It will always feel like New York and the nearest thing to bring me to one of my greatest dream and hailed the greatest city in the world.
    5. Food quality and preparation.

    “It’s a good place for bonding like: ”
    6. Food sharing with their delightful big food serving.
    7. Cozy place where you can stay.
    8. Team meeting especially for my blogging team. (http://thetalkingsign.com)

    9. Fair in terms of you get what you pay for.
    10. Well trained and accommodating staff.
    11. Cocktail madness! Whooo so smooth. 🙂

    It’s not just about the burger and fries, they have a wide variety of food in the menu.
    12. STEAAAAKSSS!!!
    14. SALAAAADDD!!!
    and my all time favorite
    15. Chicken Club Sandwich!!! 😀

    With it’s
    16. Best backgrounds and design
    Talk, live and relive your precious life moments. These event will not be a problem especially:
    17. Birthdays
    18. Anniversaries
    and even if you’re planning your
    19. Dream proposals! 😉

    Yes of course!
    20. Wait! What day it is? It’s always FRIDAY. 🙂


  6. 1. Bottomless Mojito
    2. Salad is too die for!
    3. Steak is wicked!
    4. Great venue for weeknight chill outs.
    5. Servers are very friendly.
    6. Ribs! Ribs! Ribs! Need I say more?
    7. Burgers are huge!
    8. Mouth watering sandwiches
    9. Great place to celebrate your birthday.
    10. Obsessed with the Oreo madness
    11. Jack Daniel glazed on your meat? Drool.
    12. Fast Service
    13. Huge serving
    14. Can’t forget the nachos! A must!
    15. Buffalo wings are amazing.
    16. Love it when I see flaring bartenders.
    17. Seafood platter never fails.
    18. Always posts promos/discounts
    19. You gotta love the french fries
    20. Felt like a valued customer whenever I dine.


  7. 1. Their name- TGIF!
    2. Affordable.
    3. Family’s go-to restaurant
    4. Chicken Fingers
    5. Their colors- red, white and black. You know it’s TGIF.
    6. Local favorites- Yay Filipino food!
    7. So many branches that we can go to
    8. My favorite dessert – Oreo Madness
    9. My favorite burger – Cheeseburger!
    10. Celebrated so many birthdays with TGI Friday’s 😉
    11. High school graduation celebration back in 2009
    12. College graduation celebration last year with blockmates =)
    13. First dine out with officemates… at TGIFriday’s!
    14. Cajun Shrimp and Chicken Pasta — because I have the biggest heart for shrimp.
    15. Fried calamari – me and my bros go crazy for this! Hahaha
    16. Buffalo wings. PERIOD NO ERASE
    17. Friday’s Shrimp because.
    18. Fish and chips! How can you not order these??!
    19. Baby back ribs. How can you not order these??!
    20. I just love Friday… and Friday’s!


  8. 1. delicious chicken fingers!
    2. promos and discounts
    3. juicy burgers — Hi Jack Daniels!
    4. friendly and courteous staff
    5. nice interiors
    6. designated smoking/ non smoking area
    7. extensive food menu
    8. amazing bartenders
    9. great ambiance
    10. free wifi! 😀
    11. tender baby back ribs — ❤ ❤ ❤
    12. affordability
    13. food is served fast and hot.
    14. kid-friendly
    15. large food serving
    16. there are meals available for kids
    17. yummy desserts like Oreo Madness
    18. great memory cherished – ate there last Christmas season 2013.
    19. great food presentation/ plating
    20. its a place where i really enjoy eating


  9. 1. Consistent Service
    2. Quality of the Food
    3. Eclectic menu choices
    4. Competitive prices
    5. Foreign Credit Cards accepted
    6. Guaranteed satisfaction
    7. A great management team which addresses all concerns
    8. The hottest and juiciest gourmet burgers this side of Texas!
    9. Late night hours
    10. Amazingly yummy and inventive cocktails
    11. Great foods for sharing
    12. Many coupon and promotional discounts
    13. Comfortable and ample seating
    14. Bottomless drinks
    15. Clean restrooms
    16. Cool décor
    17. Some of the nicest take out bags of any restaurant
    18. The name—Friday is truly the happiest day!
    19. Fast Service
    20. Most important—the amazing and hardworking staff, many of whom we never see


  10. i love about TGI Friday’s
    1. huge servings
    2. baby back ribs
    3. the staffs are very accommodating
    4. the place to be in any occasion
    5. quick service
    6. heavenly desserts (oh god!)
    7. the ambience
    8. instagram perfect food presentation
    9. chicken fingers
    10. PROMOS
    11. cocktails
    12. green mango shake
    13. bacon cheeseburger
    14. the music
    15. american feel
    16. buffalo wings (cant get enough)
    17. Mozzarella sticks
    18. majestic Seafood platter
    19. forget the diet feel
    20. Its always friday!

    happy 20th, TGI Friday’s!


  11. i like about TGI Friday’s
    1. huge servings
    2. baby back ribs
    3. the staffs are very accommodating
    4. the place to be in any occasion
    5. quick service
    6. heavenly desserts (oh god!)
    7. the ambience
    8. instagram perfect food presentation
    9. chicken fingers
    10. PROMOS
    11. cocktails
    12. green mango shake
    13. bacon cheeseburger
    14. the music
    15. american feel
    16. buffalo wings (cant get enough)
    17. Mozzarella sticks
    18. majestic Seafood platter
    19. forget the diet feel
    20. Its always friday!

    happy 20th, TGI Friday’s!


  12. Audelio A. Gonzales, Jr.

    1. big servings
    2. bottomless drinks
    3. accessible locations
    4. hip resto design
    5. jolly and cheerful crew
    6. sports tv always on
    7. free wifi
    8. gives discounts for bistro card holder
    9. serves ice cold beer
    10. big dining area
    11. has a smoking area
    12. very yummy tacos
    13. juicy and tender baby rack ribs
    14. very happy music background
    15. family oriented place
    16. social media promos
    17. open up to wee hours
    18. cool bathroom
    19. they sing and greet you if its your birthday
    20. desserts are one of a kind


  13. Marcus Raven F. Zapanta

    1. Free Internet – I can play games while eating
    2. The Design of the Restaurant is so cool, i love the stuff hanging on the wall
    3. Big Food Servings , but still I can finish it by myself
    4. My mom always order Nachos – its our favorite
    5. The staff & servers are nice, they always smile
    6. Activity Paper/Crayons/Pens for us kiddos
    7. there is a separate smoking room , i like it that way, i can’t smell it
    8. the exhibition by the baritas
    9. my classmates and friends can gather all together because the place is huge
    10. Mozzarella sticks are awesome
    11. Nice Comfort Room – so neat
    12. Bottomless Soda
    13. Party Packages and Party Games
    14. We can have our midnight snack because it closes late
    15. It’s our favorite Friday Night Hangout Place
    16. Brownie Obsession TM for dessert
    17. Jack Daniels Burger – winner!
    18. fast cooking and serving of food, no need to wait for a long time
    19. Crazy , loud music
    20. they sing you a birthday song if its your birthday!


  14. 1. good service
    2. tasty food
    3. discounts
    4. promo
    6.excellent costumer service
    7. great ambiance
    8. drinks
    9. menu
    10. good location
    11. perfect dipping sauce
    12. approachable crews
    13. price
    14. good ambiance
    15. social media updates
    16. quality foods
    17. entertaining music
    18. Full Rack of Ribs
    19. big portions of foods
    20. delicious fries


  15. I – Incredibly fun ambiance

    S – Superb quality of food

    O – Outstanding customer service

    L – Location is at its best, we have one 5 minutes away from home.

    O – Oreo Madness

    V – Very wide array of choices.

    E – Everyday feels like Friday!

    Y – Yolo so best spend it at TGIF!

    O – Onion Rings

    U – Unlimited mojitos

    T – Three for All Sampler Platter

    G – Good for sharing servings

    I – Iced cold drinks

    F – Freshest greens available.

    R – Really fun bartending

    I – Instant discount with BDJ Coupon

    D – Date nights in TGIF

    A – Amazing experience

    Y – Your promotions

    S – Starwars designs.

    Ma. Clarice Itumay


  16. 20 Things I love about TGIFriday’s Philippines ‪#‎TGIFridaysPh‬

    1. Ambiance 2. Smiling Face of the Crew 3. Burgers 4. Cocktails 5. Fast Service
    6. Pasta 7. Promos & Discounts 8. Music 9. DESSERT 10. clean restroom
    11. Plating 12. salads 13. free wifi 14. good location 15. seafood platter
    16. condiments 17. clean place 18. menus 19. bartenders
    20. its a place where i really enjoy eating


  17. 20 Things I love about TGIFriday’s Philippines ‪#‎TGIFridaysPh‬
    1. Good Customer Service
    2. Ambiance
    3. Discounts & Promos
    4. Salads
    5. Desserts
    6. Cool Bartenders
    7. Food Presentation
    8. Free wifi
    9. bottomless drinks
    10. my favorite baby back ribs
    11. burgers
    12. Chicken fingers
    13. Kiddie meals
    14. special treat during birthday
    15. clean comfort room
    16. fast service
    17. friendly crew
    18. accessible location
    19. buffalo wings
    20. place that i really enjoy my food.


  18. Top 20 things I love about TGIFriday’s Philippines:

    1. A place for family and friends
    2. Tender pork & beef dishes
    3. Big servings
    4. Helpful website
    5. American vibe
    6. Healthy & fresh salads
    7. The bartenders are awesome
    8. Juicy Burgers
    9. Contemporary design of resto
    10. Relaxing ambiance
    11. Mouthwatering desserts
    12. Mojito
    13. Delectable menu all year round
    14. Fresh and unique drinks
    15. Free wifi
    16. They offer kiddie package
    17. They offer the best pasta dishes
    18. Friendly staff
    19. They have a lot of branches
    20. Promos & discounts

    Maria Corazon Letada


  19. Top 20 things I love about TGIFriday’s Philippines:

    1. Best place to go if you want a full meal
    2. A place to drink
    3. comfort food
    4. Their burgers and ribs
    5. Must try is their Adobo
    6. Awesome place
    7. Good ambiance
    8. Yummy steaks
    9. Place to watch sports games
    10. Good music
    11. Updated websites
    12. A lot of branches
    13. Freebies
    14. Pasta dishes
    15. Desserts
    16. Friendly staffs
    17. Promos
    18. Big portion of food
    19. Good music
    20. Varieties of drinks


  20. Name: Catherine Uri
    Email: blog.cathuri@gmail.com

    20 Things I Love About TGI Fridays

    1. Ultra friendfly staff. From the hostess, server to the bartender. Everything is served with a smile!
    2. The place is very instagrammable that it’s become a roomspiration! I wish to revamp my room, TGIFridays inspired with all the checkered walls and fab red couches.
    3. Wide selection of food
    4. Awesome discounts and freebies like the P20 Chicken Fingers promo for their 20th anniv
    5. Photogenic food that looks better than me.
    6. Hefty serving that’s great for sharing
    7. Thick and juicy burgers!
    8. Rich and creamy milkshakes. I want to try each and every flavor they have on their menu!
    9. Atmosphere is great! Awesome hangout for friends and families.
    10. The talented bartenders. Maybe the secretly work part time in circuses flipping and spinning bottles.
    11. Good time everyday, not only Friday!
    12. Easy to access locations
    13. Quirky, funky uniforms!
    14. They play the most amazing music! Props to the one who chooses the songs
    15. WIFI
    16. Mozzarella sticks
    17. I love the american vibe!
    18. They serve Filipino food!
    19. You get what you pay for.
    20. The pasta dishes are one of the best ones I’ve tried.


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