My twenty-fifth birthday

I turned 25 yesterday, so what?

Social media made my birthday a chain reaction and I received numerous greetings from friends and colleagues. Yesterday was my oldest and the youngest I could ever be.


I spent dinner with the family last Sunday. I don’t spend much time with them before and I noticed as I grow old there’s a force that draws us closer.


Of course the highlight would be still my significant other who spent a qtt with my dad. My mom even let him drive.


On my actual birthday, I spent it with my well-loved office mates. My closest supplier catered our lunch and cakes are pouring.




Sam25IMG_9453The grace before meals made me teary-eyed, I could cry.

To know that I am a blessing to them makes me strive to continue. I will not sugarcoat my life now, it is like a roller coaster ride, ups and downs, loops, and upside down.

These past few weeks have challenged for me. My career is testing my patience and each day I asked if I can still make it.

Part of me whispers that the best thing is yet to unfold. Until such time I figure out the real purpose of my existence; I shall live each day glorifying my creator.

I hope we all find our true purpose.

For another 365 days to live, Cheers!



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