Meeting with Viva Communications, Inc.

My hectic week is now over but I feel I forgot to accomplish something….

I ate four times today and they are unhealthy, believe me. I went to work and met with Viva Comm representatives. Despite the odds I encountered with them, I believe we have put it behind us.

Out of three meetings, I was able to fulfill the things which are expected of me. Although the feeling sucks in the beginning, I am still on my adjustment phase.


This passport gave me a mini heart attack. I thought it won’t be released today ang DFA’s phone was keep on ringing. It was an answered prayer when someone picked it up and announced that my passport is ready for pick up.


Funny story: I left my old passport and I have to asked someone to run and hand it to me. The DFA office will close at 6:00 pm and my staff came 5:59 pm.
thank you, Gel and Jerome for saving me.


I was supposed to shop today for some additional outfit for next week’s trip but ze bf won’t let me get the crop top I saw in H&M. So we ended up eating and I ended up crying. *laughs*
you know the feeling of wanting to shop but wasn’t able to do so? Waaa

I will still have tomorrow to scout the malls.

To cap off the day, October 24 is a significant day for me as an attached lady. I celebrated 97th month with ze bf. It’s funny that we people count how long we are dating a person but it delivers smile to my face.

I hope you all had a blast this week. Thank you for reading my random thoughts.

Cheering for you,



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