Death Penalty should be imposed, a chit chat with a cab driver

I rode a cab the other day and surprisingly the driver has great insights about the Philippine economy.

But before I continue my story let me show you my latest jelly case that I bought for only less done a buck (P40).


Back to my story….

In metro manila commuters suffer from heavy traffic, long train lines, flood, power interruptions, and so on. One’s day can be ruined by all these factors, and being a cab driver, he shared the same sentiments of his fellow citizen including me.

Here are the things he suggested.

Heavy Trafiic

– suggest the government to face out cars which are more than ten years old.
– families could only have a maximum of three cars
– banks should be more cautious in granting car loans
– government should create more public transportation
– vanish multiple PUV companies, government can own it
– build more fly overs and skyways
– have a key city for each function

Drugs and Child Trafficking

– death penalty should be available
– drug users/pushers should be killed
– abolish all policemen and train new blood
– criminal case can be filed against to children starting 12 years old
– no mercy for Filipinos who broke the law outside the country

According also to him, Martial Law was a brilliant idea and Ferdinand Marcos is a hero. Anyone can impose such laws just as long no one will abuse it.

As for the corruption issue, every politician should be discreet in taking away money from the citizens, project first, then the remaining money could be theirs.

I was blown away by his principles, he could run a position in the government but I have a doubt that my nation will remain the same.

I still have hopes, though.

Any fellow countrymen reading this? What are your thoughts?

Comment below.

It was a blissful ride to my meeting venue.



2 thoughts on “Death Penalty should be imposed, a chit chat with a cab driver

  1. A lot of cab drivers are really abreast with the happenings in the government. Most of them have their AM radios on all day.

    Anyway, I don’t agree with his views on death penalty, though. I think I’ve read somewhere that capital punishment does not have a significant effect on preventing crime. US states with death penalty are also the same states with the highest crime rates.

    On his views on martial law, I think I agree. Only if there are more government officials who have the country’s best interests at hand. I believe that there has to be economic stability and discipline first, before democracy.


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