Weekly Roundabout: a magazine

I missed my last week’s roundabout, thinking I didn’t have any interesting events happened. Aside from attending events for my blog.

For this week, I accomplished task which took me a week to finish.


I was able to finish 95% of it. Tomorrow would be my busiest week and I shall document everything.

Here are my week in photos via instagram.


I met with Microtel. We discussed our room requirements for next year.


I get to try the Ilo slow juicer that my mom in law bought. I have an assignment to make salsa and more detox juices.


And then I went to see my XTRM Studios team to plan our shoots. Our head let me try his new mustang named dollar. The speed is amazing, it is like a roller coaster.

Do I want a muscle car?


And then a work out! This is my new favorite song, Masterpiece by Jessie J.

I also bought a speed rope and killed myself.


I really need to develop the habit of exercising.


I listed the other fitness stuff that I wish to get in the coming months.

I spent my Saturday buying supplies for our Photo Booth Business and then went crazy as people around pressure me about marriage. Haha Poor me, I am celebrating my silver year of existence and yet floating goal would be a wife.

Can I imagine how my life would be if none of these happened?



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