Ichiro Casual Japenese Restaurant

You all know I can never get enough of anything Japanese. So to solve our angry tummy today we strolled SM Megamall’s food court and we saw this recently opened stall.


They are serving famous Japanese dishes in an affordable price. There are a lot of choices but to stop the thinking, we get our usual Tonkatsu. This is to compare their version to others.


This is their version of Ross Katsu (Porkloin). They have an eco (P129) and regular (P140). The eco set comes with miso soup, rice, cabbage; as for the regular, add a salad. If you wish to have drinks for your meal you will add (P15) for the iced tea.

I would say the katsu selection they have and its presentation is similar to Yabu but I won’t advice to compare them because they are different.

Of course, the taste, almost authentic. The miso soup pulled it off.

This is the type of your Japanese fix where you should not expect the following:
– Japenese rice
– fruits in season
– pickled bell pepper
– thick slices of Katsu

Overall, i liked it. They are thoughtful enough to make your experience genuine because although they are strategically located in a mall’s food court, they used Japanese utensils — tray, plates, bowl, chopsticks. And to compliment the “casual” image they’re claiming, they included a stainless spoon, not just for the soup, but for people who really not into chopsticks.

Those are the things that appealed to me the most. I must say, I am biased when it comes to Japanese food, I will only say negative feedback if the food they served is beginning to rot or they deep fried tempura and Katsu in the same oil.



P.S. have you missed my Daily Eats posts? Hope you like it.


4 thoughts on “Ichiro Casual Japenese Restaurant”

  1. Hi Im a big fan of ICHIRO. I enjoy to visit the taft area and its my first time to heard that they had an other branches at ortigas!! Thank you for reminding me :> the taste for me, it was really great; cannot even compare with other restaurants. Just to compare with yabu: expensive and yummy; Ichiro: cheap and yummy; so I enjoy ichiro more :))


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