Weekly Roundabout: Caterpillars

This Roundabout has been a regular segment in this blog. It’s my way to catch up and archive the memories I acquired during the week.

To start off, my staff meeting was once again cancelled so I indulged myself with a lunch with my new assistant.


We ate in Figaro located just on the ground floor of our building and talk.  (Monday, September 29) 

The next day, I met with my good friend Jam at SM Megamall and we watched the premiere night of Equalizer starring Denzel Washington.


I am pretty sure I am going to write a brief review on this. (Tuesday, September 30) 

The week passed by as I am quite busy at work. I am preparing for our Hong Kong trip. I have to get a copy of my birth certificate in a security paper. [Seriously?? The government made those documents an income generating modus!] I also processed the renewal of my passport as I might be held up by the immigration.

The weekend passed and I attended another Christening. My age bracket starting to build their own family and we are always invited as a godmother /father. This time boyfriend’s bff replaced him caused he is in Canada.


It was a nice catch up because I met with my newly graduated friend she is a licensed nutritionist slashed now chef. She made this wonderful carrot cupcake. (Sunday, October 5)

I am thinking if I should also bake but I am not fond of sweets so I need to convince myself whether to get a mixer or not.

Baking is more a hobby.

Finally, since it was a holiday yesterday (October 6, Monday) Eid’l Adha I went home to Laguna and catch up with my family as well. I love going home there because it was serene.

I tried to hunt the caterpillars that my sister captured but my mom removed the plants where they lived.


My sister told me that these caterpillars turned into a butterfly. haha

Then of course, I spent quality time with my favorite creature – Chichay. 


She was hospitalized because a cow’s bone was stuck in her mouth. Funny, but pitiful. haha

I unleashed her and tried to mimic Cesar Milan’s techniques. She is so naughty but she is young.

My vacation ended with me talking to my dad about my herb garden and other landscaping paradise we could do in our lawn.

I saved this stone art we saw in pinterest.


You got to love long weekends.

Back to work!




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