For the love of Coffee: Figaro Foundation’s CSR

*photo diary*

Last September 27, 2014 I joined the tree planting project of the Figaro Foundation as part of their CSR. I was with my friend Eyah and her friend Andy. We went to the Figaro head office first and then took a private shuttle to the tree planting site.

coffee 2


Coffee basics were discussed by Mr. Enzo Tandico, OIC for Commisary, including the four kinds of coffee that grows in the Philippines, namely, Excelsa, Robusta, Liberica (barako), and Arabica. Coffee originated in Ethopia and because of gallon trade, coffee reached the Philippines.

Coffee only grows in countries near the equator, luckily Philippines is near the invisible line and we were able to grow coffee. Coffee has been a strong commodity since 1970 but because of the wipe out, Southern Luzon is rebuilding its coffee empire.

We reached Cavite state university around 10:30 in the morning, after a brief introduction and planting demo, we begin the planting.



Figaro_Ms Joan

Figaro_Dr Mojica

Planting Demo

Planting Demo 2

I planted five trees all in all and according to them after 3 – 5 years my coffee tree will start to bear its fruit. How exciting?

Figaro_Sam Lanuza_plants



Figaro_sam lanuza

After planting, we headed up to the roasting site and checked out freshly roasted beans.

Coffe Beans

They have their own brand called Aguinaldo Blend.

Fact: Emilio Aguinaldo is the first President of the Philippines and he declared freedom in Cavite. 


If you want to be remembered, plant a tree. 


I am very glad I did. I am excited to harvest it in the future. Thank you Figaro for a wonderful experience. This is my second tree planting, by the way. I wonder how’s my tree in Pantabangan Dam, Nueva Ecija.

Happy Weekend!



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