CookieBar for our Anniversary ♥

Just today I saw my table with two boxes of sweets. I know about this already as this was supposed to arrive last Wednesday. It was our 8th year anniversary as bf/gf and normally we took a day off at work and chill.

For this year our offices won’t allow us to do so because (1) There’s no one in the office, I sent three of my staff in Davao for a business trip and (2) he just came home from Boracay last Monday and reported to work last Tuesday.

It is my first time to receive a “romantic” delivery. I‘ve saw my colleague to receive flowers and cakes during Valentine’s and Anniversary. Whenever there is a package for me, pretty sure those are the things I bought online or new products for PR purposes of my beauty blog.

I won’t deny that I didn’t imagine a sweet delivery for me. But because of what I did with the flowers seven years ago, there’s a chance that I won’t get any ants lining up for me.

My boyfriend is not the showy type of guy who will woo you and sweeps you off your feet. He would normally annoy me and tell me that’s love, LOL He’ll just surprise with his ninja moves of sweetness.

I remembered last year, I was whining because he won’t help me with the groceries. And the reason was he sneaked a Nic Sparks book in there (which I haven’t finished yet).

Okay, let’s go to the sweets.

Cookie Bar Manila

cupcakes_cookie bar

cookie bar_shot glass

So I received 24 premium cookie cups – cookies with candy bars on top (kinder, twixtoblerone, hershey’s), delicious! And 8 cookie shot glasses. Twenty Four is our number and Eight is the years we’ve been together.

It’s funny how this cookie shot glasses look wholesome, we should be drinking Tequila to celebrate but a cow’s milk will do. I am not a sweet tooth woman so I find this not exaggerated with sugar, the cookie dough is soft, and yeah the candy bar treat is heaven.

CookieBar Manila has a unique concept of sweets. It’s my first time to see and taste this kind. It’s a perfect gift for any occasion.

This would be more special if I really received this on the real day. So maybe next time CookieBar can ask if it’s for a special occasion, so they can prioritize some orders. Nonetheless, I am beaming while typing this.

CookieBar Cookies & Sweets | | @CookieBarManila |


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