Weekly roundabout: Downloading management podcasts


My week passed by without me noting it. Perhaps it is because I go to work late and finished tasks in the evening.

With the added responsibility on my shoulder, the compensation which I suspect to escalate, sad to say it still cannot cover my MBA.

My former colleagues slash friends became my subordinates. The adjustment is hard, especially that I am the youngest. Besides the fact that my true management style is more on the OCD case.

I wish I could grasp and juggle all at once soon.

I am downloading podcasts now, changed my subscription from beauty to leadership. I continued scanning my 101 book from Maxwell, surprisingly, it had motivated me in a way to change my vision.

I am still seeking for my core purpose. I’ll get there slowly. I have to.

Going back to my MBA, I searched for schools and I was blown out of the water that the tuition fee is almost $50,00 compare to make up school, I believe taking up a master’s degree in management might be a great option.

Oh well, I am doing Crossfit at home. Developing habits are crucial must stick to the 21 day rule! Phew!

To you, the reader, I hope you are also doing something today to improve yourself too. We can only change if we grow.

Cheers to us.

Good luck.



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