When you give, you gain…


I have been out of the cyberworld lately, I was assigned to take a new responsibility that I feel uncertain. Only a few people were confident that I will be capable to replace the person who just left…

I told myself, “yes, I won’t be able to replace her because I will be better than her..” Hopes that I keep close to my heart.

Given that I am in the process of learning while tweaking the existing ground we have right at present. Not just for the industry, but for the company, the people there including myself.

I have lived in a world where I desired to know everything and show it off; wanting other people’s validation of my good work. I realized it’s not going to turn out, it is better to love yourself first, appreciate other people and your differences while imparting whatever you have to others.

Giving and gaining is the same. When you sacrifice, you gain something, the things you gave will not be the same as the thing you will receive but I am sure it can fill empty spaces you have in your soul.

It is like filling in someone else’s puzzle while the other complete yours. It is funny that nature was the one who shown it – biodiversity.

I feel weird while writing, but I want to remember when I read this again that I started something and it turned away really well.

We just have one shot in this world, let us all make it count.


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