Claimed my Klout Perk — A business card from eco business card

moo business card


An organic skin care line in Paris, Entensi told me about Klout and he was amazed of my high scores and that I am present in almost all social networking sites. So I signed up to Klout and gave away Klout points to other online peeps.

I have totally forgotten about clout until my blogger friend Gen of said she claimed hers; so I immediately logged in and hoped that I can still claim the perks.

And voila! I was able to redeem it.

I went to site to customized the design and chose the eco-card (if I remember the name correctly). I paid for the minimal shipping fee from UK and it arrived a week before the ETA they told me.

I am very satisfied.

Now I can use this card for my blog, makeup, and events.

It’s nice to have sites that have such  wonderful perks. Now I want my scores to go higher and get more perks.



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