but the most responsive to change…


Last week was crazy.

  • I tried to change my beauty blog’s theme
  • I was assigned to a new beat, fitness facility
  • I was in a shocking meeting
  • I slept
  • I went to a bazaar to buy my sister-in-law’s evening gown

I feel that I am in a chaos of responsibility and I want to juggle everything. I cannot give up one, I do not know why, I am still figuring it out. One night last week, I thought about my family. I haven’t seen them in months, but I have to stay here in the city to sustain my urban jungle life. What a twenty-five year-old woman could do? Live her life, of course, but I am not living  my life the way I want it to be.

I am not saying that I am wasting my years, I wonder what can I do to change the course I am in. Maybe I worry too much and keep on pretending that life is easy on me when it is entirely not.

Life goes on for everyone and I am thankful for the courage I have to face a new day. Maybe I am not there yet, but maybe I am near, my purpose is still unknown and the excitement to unveil it disturbs my sanity.

Someday it’s going to make sense.

xoxo SAMMY

P.S. Wherever you are, please do not lose hope, I am here at the other side of the world, praying for you.


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