Disconnected: My phone was stolen


If there’s something I am embarrassed of my country; it’s the rampant case of theft and robbery, most of the time it’s a gadget. Maybe it’s easy to pick a pocket or slash a purse to get one, right? So last July 31, I was on my way to Asian Institute of Management, Makati, I rode a bus from Ortigas Center and found myself stuck in a heavy rain and slow-moving traffic. The moment I reached my destination the bus was overloaded, I had to struggle a human maze to find the exit and poof, my iPhone became a koko krunch — GONE!

I telephoned my carrier and they temporarily barred my line (which means I will still pay monthly). I printed a stolen phone report at NTC (which I haven’t submitted because I don’t know how) then changed all my passwords. I did not set up my iCloud that is why I cannot remotely erase the content. Luckily my main notes are not there.


My life was? Oh, terrible in a sense that I don’t have an internet. I use my iPhone as a hotspot to my iPad where I do most my work so now my iPad became a game console.  I am not really sad, but I felt crippled, having that phone for three years already. My loyalty contract will expire next year so might well get an inexpensive phone first. *sigh*

Life goes on and it’s a just a phone.




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