Love is still in the air


For the past eight years I’ve been in a relationship, I must agree with the quote I posted above. As days go by I noticed that things changed between us. I remember the three stages in a relationship and I believe we are on stage three, attachment phase.

This could be the most boring and challenging phase. Boring because you knew everything about your partner, how many moles does he has, if his fart smells disgusting, if he snorts, if he eats like a pig, or if he is plain pain in the a**. The surprise factor and getting-to-know stage is all over.

Challenging on the other hand because you will try really hard to make that boredom fun again. To trigger every spark you two have and to ignite the romance you had when you first laid eyes to each other.

Hugs, kisses, cuddles, and sex still feels amazing; you just have to remember to give it. Arguments most likely to be present in this phase too because you are too comfortable with each other and you are likely to speak your mind this time.

In any romantic relationship there could only be two different path. It’s either you make it to the wedding bells or break it and then walk away. I am in a moment where I want to end what I have right now because I feel I am being strangled but the reason I am writing this now is because I realize something.

Commitment will always be your choice, making it work will always be your choice, being happy is definitely a choice too. Just because there are days that he doesn’t seem to be the person you want him to be doesn’t mean that you will suggest break up. It’s true that indifference is the reason why most people are hurting but if you will open your self up and feel the love, you will find happiness.

I smell him and I can tell that his DNA compliments mine so I should let go of my frustrations and enjoy every single minute I have with him.

True love is not rare it’s everywhere. Just keep an open mind.

I don’t know why I wrote this but I guess I will say…

I will never let go.

Ooh cheesy!


P.S. Just love.


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