My weekly roundabout: Typhoon Glenda


Work as usual. I started to wonder if I still belong in the place. I have a feeling that I don’t anymore. For the past five years that i spend more than eight hours of my life. My nose wanted to smell a new green.

I started to branch out and it smells nice.

I went to work and when I stepped out of the vehicle my view my turning. I tried my best to reach our office and I was not productive. I rest the whole day on my desk and wonder why I am uberly dizzy.

Some colleagues said I’m pregnant, so I bought a test kit on my way home. I have a feeling that it was because of my emotional stress the night before. The feminist side of me is screaming at the of her lungs.

The Philippines, specifically metro Manila, undergone signal number three typhoon named Glenda. I didn’t report to work because the roofs were flying outside, trees being uproot, and flood.

The eye of the storm passed by. We don’t have electricity, my phone is dead. I am thankful that my families are safe. My dad told me that in Laguna, which is signal number three also, was devastated. Our tent flew away and our turkey at the rooftop, well I forgot to asked.

My electricity was restored and yes I charged my phones.

As for the pregnancy test kit results? It’s negative.

I hit the snoozed button. I checked the clock to found out it was ten o’clock. I skipped work once again. I finished the laundry and went to the bank to pay bills. It was a headache. LOL

It’s three in the morning and yes I am reading a book while spotify is on. I cannot sleep, though I am sleepy, my mind is busy thinking about everything. So it might be useless if I will close my eyes and think of my what if’s.

I see my self hanging steadily at the edge of my imaginary box. It’s life I feel the breeze of change and yet I don’t want to let go to feel it.

I will let go now

I am organizing our team building to better to talk my committee forts and yes fix my life so I can start helping others fix theirs.


Hoping everyone’s safety.


P.S. To all my beauty blogger readers and YouTube subbies I’ll do my best to manage my time and serve you all. I miss you a lot.


Your comments will make my day!

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