Inspired for life: The Power of Affirmation

It’s one in the morning and I cannot sleep (though I am super sleepy, I can feel my bones twisting and it hurts). I have no work today because it’s the city holiday, thankfully, I was able to go to my other work and train.

I love my other work because of my team. I am surrounded by positive people who inspired other people as well. I want to be like them. I want to inspire others and change their lives.

They inspire base on their experiences, mostly hardships and how they have overcome them. Studying it, I still don’t have enough hardships to tell, I have not reach my goal, yet.

But that doesn’t mean I cannot inspire right? My hard work and determination can compensate to that. Still, if I am really hard working enough I would be able to get what I want.

What do I really want?

My title says “affirmation”, for some they find it hard to affirm others simply because they don’t do it to themselves. Wondering why it is important? It is important because it boosts anybody’s self esteem; that person will do it again and s/he can have a smooth sailing life.

It works for me because the more I affirm myself others give affirmations too. I perform better and I strive to be on top. Since I receive a lot of affirmation I can see positive things around me and I do the same.

It is as simple as complimenting a pretty scarf of your friend but before you do it to others do it to yourself.

Every time you wake up, look at the mirror, tell yourself that your the most beautiful person in the world and that you are great. Of course believe it and see the difference.

Don’t let negative things outgrow you. Don’t focus on your weaknesses. The more affirmative and positive you become you will have that sparkle in your eyes.

You’ll look young. I tell you.

I always think I am pretty, intelligent, and talented; that’s what others sees in me too. I know because they tell me.

Now if it’s hard for you to feel good about yourself, I have some affirmative words that you can say to yourself everyday.

Affirmation is like a bathing, do it daily.


Hope my thoughts ignite your beautiful being because you are one beautiful person. You just have to see it first.


SAMMY (good night, zzz)


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